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“Dr. Bryant has a radiologist on staff. He’ll write up his findings asap.”

“Awesome. Thank you.” She leads me to his office.

“I’m Jenny if you need anything.”

“Thanks, Jenny.” The door shuts behind her and I sit there in silence waiting for the doctor.

I am not sure how long I wait for him, but I think I’d wait forever. Finally, the door opens, and I get that first scent of him for the day, and I don’t know how I am going to be able to control myself. I fiddle with the hem of dress while I wait for him to say something.

Chapter 4


Fuck, she’s gorgeous. Her hair is in a thick braid today, and that is straight out of the fantasy I had last night. I can’t tell you how many times I jerked off to the vision of her looking almost exactly like she does now. Again, I sit down next to her instead of where I should. I also shouldn’t have locked my office door, but I did.

“Hello, Cathi. How are you doing today?” I ask, my voice is thick with desire. The desire that I know she’s picking up on.

“Just fine. You?”

“Better now,” I say causing her to smile. “Your MRI read the same as the last one you had done.”

“And that’s good right?”

“It is. That means that the cancer itself hasn’t spread from the retina, which is exactly what we want to see,” I explain.

“Oh good, so what’s next?”

“Tomorrow, we will do a CT scan.”

“Okay, Dr. Bryant. Thank you,” she says starting to stand, but I stop her.

“You must call me Wayne,” I respond in a strained voice.

“Oh no, I really shouldn’t. Not when we are here.” Her protests do nothing for me.

“You have to. I am falling apart here,” I groan. I feel like she should make the first move, but I can’t keep my reactions in check. My cock is hard as a rock, despite how many times I came last night.

“Oh really? I need you to explain that to me,” she replies sassily. Her lips quirking up in a sly smile. This little spitfire knows exactly what she is doing to me.

“I think you know, puddin. Don’t you?” My voice comes out gruff. I pull my chair closer to hers, needing to be right next to her. I want to feel her heat. I know she can’t see me, but I want all of her other senses to be consumed by me.

“I really don’t think I do, caped crusader. I need you to tell me.”

“Caped crusader?”

“You called me puddin. Your voice sounds like the Dark Knight to me. I assume you are a comic book nerd of some kind, just as I am, or was really. So how exactly are you falling apart?” What can I possibly say that won’t freak her the fuck out?

“When I look at you, I feel all the pieces of my dark soul falling into place.” When she doesn’t say anything, I realize I should have been less honest. I should have gone slower, because not only is she my patient, she’s young as fuck and I don’t know if she’s ready for all things I am going to ask of her. I notice a blush grow across her cheeks and that makes me even harder. All I can picture is her on her knees taking my cock down her throat.

“Oh,” she says breathlessly. She licks her lips and leans in a little closer to me. She inhales and moans, just a little. “You smell amazing.” She locates my hands and feels each finger. Her pretty smile is serene. Next, she surprises me further by running her long, soft, fingertips over my face. She feels my forehead, before moving down to my cheeks. She smiles when she finds my scruffy beard. Her touch is indescribable.

“Puddin, you have to stop,” I say through gritted teeth, grabbing her wrists, pulling them slightly away from my face.

“You don’t like it?” she asks pulling her hands away as if I’ve burned her.

“That’s not it at all. I like it too much. More than I should, it isn’t right. A man could get used to your ministrations.”

“I don’t understand,” she says.

“It isn’t right for us to take whatever this is between us any further than it already has, Cathleen,” I manage to say.

“Who decides on what’s right for us?” she asks showing me more of the spitfire personality that I am starting to love.

“The Illinois State Medical Board, for one,” I say chuckling.

“And for two?”

“There isn’t really a two.”

“Well, I for one, won’t tell the Illinois State Medical Board anything,” she says. A few strands of her hair have come loose and falls in her eyes and I move to push it back. She leans towards me and kisses me softly. That is all I needed from her to take control. My fist is wrapped around her sexy braid before I can stop myself. Our lips connect again.

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