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She was so damn wonderfully sensitive.

He managed to find the strength to tear his mouth off her, and ignoring her mewl of protest, he captured her gaze, wanting and needing to see Pippi’s face as he possessed her.

Acheron slowly thrust one finger in, and every inch he claimed had her face mirroring her every delectable thought—

“Oh…” Her cheeks turning pink –

“God…” Her lips parting –

“Acheron…” And finally, as his finger sank knuckle-deep into her, he saw her blue eyes turn cloudy with need just as her head fell back and she began to pant.

It was the most beautifully erotic sight in the world, and Acheron wanted more of it.

He started thrusting his finger in and out, slowly at first, and as he felt her flesh gradually ease, he increased the pace. He listened to her breathing, using it as his cue, and only when she seemed to start relaxing did he slide another finger in, and it started all over again.

Her eyes rolling back, her body shuddering, her breathless panting—

And as his fingers moved faster and faster, her hips began to move as well, until she was clutching his shoulders as she started to ride him.

Ah God.

He stared at her like a starved man would a feast, his balls tightening with desire as she started grinding her pussy harder against his crotch, as if willing his fingers to go deeper and deeper—

And then she screamed, her back arching as she came all over his still-thrusting fingers.

By the time Pippi came back to her senses, Wickham was already pulling over in front of his house, and she had become belatedly aware of one infinitely embarrassing thing. “Oh my God.” Her frantic gaze flew to his. “I can smell it, Acheron.”

“Is that so?” Acheron had a hard time keeping his face impassive. Even though lovemaking did always have its own scent, he had never had a woman say such a thing. He should simply have expected that Pippi would be the first one to speak of it, Acheron thought with amusement.

“Do you think Wickham would notice?” she asked worriedly as she saw Wickham go around the ambulance to open the back doors.

“Not at all,” Acheron lied without a qualm. “So stop worrying about it.”

“You promise?”

“He won’t even blink.” He pulled her close as the doors opened, and as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head, he met Wickham’s gaze with a warning glint in his eyes. Don’t fucking react to anything.

Wickham managed to nod even as he fought against the urge to snicker and smirk. Ms. Jones had struck again, he thought in amusement. It was only a matter of time before this woman had the boss on bended knee and swallowing every cynical, disparaging word he had uttered against holy matrimony.

Pippi couldn’t help peeking at Wickham’s face as Acheron helped her down, and she breathed a secret sigh of relief when she saw the older man’s benign expression. He definitely wouldn’t look like that if he had noticed the musky scent tingeing the air inside the ambulance. Right?

As Acheron walked her to the door, Pippi made sure to keep her fingers around the straps of her bag, not wanting to accidentally risk touching him. There might not be anyone around at this time of the night, but who knew how many of her neighbors were spying on them from the safety of their living rooms?

Pippi’s innate shyness kicked in as they made it to her doorstep, and even though she badly wanted to ask him in, the words seemed stuck in her throat. She cleared her throat. Come on, Pippi. She looked up at him. Just ask if he wants to come in. She took a deep breath.


And that was it.

That was her honest best.

And now she wanted to face-palm herself to death.

Really, Pippi, really?

Acheron hadn’t any trouble interpreting the play of expressions on Pippi’s face, and he couldn’t help smirking as her face contorted with a half-desperate, half-revolted grimace. She clearly wanted to invite him in, but just as clear was how her shyness wouldn’t stand for it.

Taking pity on her, he said soothingly, “It’s okay, mikrí mou. I’ll talk to you later, alright?”

She could only nod, realizing how uncannily good the billionaire was at reading her every thought.

“One day,” Acheron murmured, “I’ll earn the right to kiss you goodnight, and when I do, I’ll make sure it’s a sight your neighbors will never forget.”


But by the time she recovered from her shock, he had already turned away and was striding back into the ambulance. In a blink of an eye, he was gone, but the heart-thumping, body-throbbing force of his presence lingered so that Pippi still found herself floating in cloud nine as she let herself in.

As she headed up the stairs, amative flashbacks started playing in her mind, so agonizingly vivid that by the time she made it to the shower, she was already blushing and her whole body was once again aching for his touch.

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