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Acheron Simonides hungered for her.

And this time, there was nothing to keep her from indulging him.

“Theo, Pippi.” Acheron’s voice turned hoarse as Pippi pushed him to his back. She climbed up to him until she was straddling his hips, and her lips curved in a Mona Lisa smile at the way his dark gaze intently followed the sway of her breasts under her nightshirt.

“You’re getting too damn good at this,” he muttered.

“And you’re complaining?” she asked teasingly.

“Hell, no.” His guttural tone had her laughing, and Acheron shuddered at the sound. “Even your laugh turns me on—” He stopped speaking when he saw Pippi slithering down his body. “Fuck.” And then he felt it, her mouth taking the entire length of his manhood. “FUCK.”

He strove to control his pleasure, but the way she sucked and stroked his dick already had Acheron’s balls tightening in mere minutes. His beautiful Pippi was blowing him like making him cum was one of the top to-dos in her checklist, and all the blood in his body rushed to his head at the delicious thought.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

He could already feel it coming…

“You gotta let go now, baby…”

But this only made her suck harder on the head of his cock.


He managed to raise himself on his elbows just as a massive shudder racked his body, and as he watched her swallow every drop as if she couldn’t get enough of his cum – it was just too fucking much.

Acheron found himself gripping her head as he shoved his cock all the way down to her throat, over and over until he was all spent and unable to remember feeling anything but the moist warmth of Pippi’s mouth.

Minutes that felt like years must have passed when he felt his still-erect manhood slowly slip out of her mouth, and Acheron pried his eyes open.

Pippi had risen to her knees, strawberry-blonde locks cascading down her shoulders and her shapely breasts threatening to spill out of her loose nightshirt. He saw her lick her lips, as if savoring the taste of his cum—

Now that, he thought, was just plain fucking hot.

“I’ve just been thinking and reflecting…” Pippi’s openly laughing gaze was in direct contrast to the natural sultriness of her kiss-swollen lips, and the contradiction beguiled him beyond words.

“You know you’ve 100% corrupted me, don’t you?”

“Have I?”

Acheron deliberately feigned skepticism, and his lips twitched when Pippi shot him a droll look at his words.

“Like there’s any possibility you could still have doubts…when I can do this…” Pippi gently pressed her index finger against the still-wet slit on the head of his cock, and the billionaire groaned with renewed need.

Having his shy little Ms. Jones turn into a sassy siren in bed was something Acheron could never get enough of, and knowing that she only showed this side to him…

The whole world would have to go to hell first before he allowed another man to see Pippi this way, Acheron thought savagely.

“I think you’ve turned me into a slut, Mr. Simonides.” The words, uttered in a throaty murmur, had him yanking her close, but this only had mischief dancing in her bright blue eyes even as she tumbled down on him, palms landing on his naked chest in an effort to keep herself upright.

“You’re driving me crazy, woman,” he growled.

“Am I?”

It was her turn to sound skeptical, and the irony wasn’t lost on him. “Well played, Ms. Jones.” Acheron’s tone was pleasant, but the gleam in his eyes promised retribution.

Uh oh, Pippi thought, but like all idiots were, she was more excited than frightened.

“And so to reward you, it would only be fitting to return the favor…”

His fingers found its way under her shirt as he spoke, and Pippi stiffened.

Oh dear Loooooooooooord….

It was Pippi’s turn to lose her mind as his fingers found the creamy slit between her folds. “Oh God. Oh God, Acheron. It’s so —ah!” Two of his fingers had thrust deep into her without warning, and she couldn’t help arching her back even as her knees sank down on the bed.

“Ride me,” he rasped.

“Yeeeees.” She practically scrambled to do his bidding, riding the billionaire as he so explicitly commanded her. Her every thought was focused on obeying him…and her man knew this. He knew, and the knowledge threatened to mess with Acheron’s head all over again.

Theo, but he loved how biddable she was in bed, loved how she responded so freely. He loved just about everything she did – the way she bounced on his fingers, the way she sobbed and begged while her hips moved wildly in a desperate attempt to get his fingers to break past her hymen—

Acheron, please.


I just want it so bad!

But his grip on her hips didn’t ease, and because she was no match for either his strength or the expert movement of his fingers, she was soon crying out, her whole world turning upside down at the acute, ardent force of her climax.

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