“Can you manage or…”

“I. Can. Manage.” Each word came out a croak, but she told herself not to mind it. The important thing was that she had said them and had thus shown the professor she was not some naïve, inexperienced girl to be coddled.

So…let’s do this, Saint M—

Oh shit.


Forget I called you, Saint M.

This isn’t something—

The professor frowned at the flicker of panic in her gaze. “If you’re having second thoughts…”

“What? No.” Pushing all thoughts of her guardian saint away, she forced herself to concentrate on the task at hand.

All ten – or at least it seemed like ten, or maybe it was more? – inches of it.

Here we go, Di.

Matthijs coughed back a laugh when she pulled his boxers down with such force it had her falling on her knees – and staring straight at his dick.

“Oh my—”

His still-swelling dick accidentally bumped her nose.

There was a moment of silence, but then their gazes met, and he could no longer keep a straight face. Her stunned expression had him throwing his head back with a laugh. “God.” Only her…it was just her and no one else who could make him feel this fucking happy and horny at the same time.

“Come here, darling.” He took her hand to pull her up, and she watched him open his drawer. A second later, and he was placing a foil packet in her hand. “Have you ever tried putting this on another man?”


The professor stiffened.

“I practiced on a vibrator.”


Seeing his expression, she muttered defensively, “I wanted to be prepared.”

And another laugh escaped him.




How I love her.

Glancing down at her, he said huskily, “Impress me then.”

And so she did.

She was back on her knees, almost as if she instinctively knew how the dominant in him loved seeing her in such a position, and then her fingers were slowly reaching for his dick.

He bit back a groan as her fingers slowly pushed the rubber down until every inch of his member was covered. “Diana—” And then he forgot what else he had to say, with her taking him completely by surprise as her mouth closed around his dick.


She worked him like a pro, sucking and licking in a way that guaranteed his undoing in a matter of mere minutes. It had him wondering if she had also practiced this on a vibrator, and of course this thought had him harder than ever, and he found himself gripping her hair.

She sucked harder, and his balls tightened.


Diana felt the professor’s fingers tighten its grip on her hair, and it felt good. Really good. So much so that she couldn’t help licking every inch of him while her hands tentatively reached for his balls. They felt heavier and sturdier than she imagined, and when she gave them a little squeeze, it was both exciting and a little frightening, the way the professor’s manhood pulsed inside her mouth.

She tried it again, squeezing harder and sucking harder at the same time, and the moment she did, it was as if his control went to pieces, and she found herself reliving a porn film staple. The professor gripping her hair tightly as he controlled the bobbing of her head while his member thrust in and out, faster and wilder, and oh God, she couldn’t, just couldn’t get enough—


Diana fell back as he yanked out of her mouth, and her eyes widened when she saw him stroking his manhood furiously as he started coming and filling the condom until it looked in danger of exploding. Their gazes clashed, his golden eyes hard, and it was as if he was saying, This is how it would always be between us.

Almost as if he was trying to scare her away, Diana thought.

Oh, Professor.

When would he get it?

Eyes still locked with him, she slowly licked her lips and saw his entire body jerk. Good. And as his climax slowed to its aftermath, she rose to her feet and reached behind her for the zip of her dress.

Her eyes stayed with his as it fell softly to the floor, its descent a proud, quiet statement of its own.

I’m here.

She reached for her lace panties and stepped out of it.

I’m here for good.

She stood before him, naked and trembling, but despite her fears, she kept her chin up, her back straight, and everything of her bared to his gaze.

All of me…

She stepped forward.

Is for you.

The professor closed the distance between them, and her eyes swept close as she felt his hand curve around her nape.

Third kiss, Diana couldn’t help thinking dizzily.

And so it was.

His mouth was forceful and hungry, almost to the point of ravishment, as if he was making up for all the nights he had wanted and needed, all the times he had ached to kiss her.

And knowing this, all she could do was part her lips willingly under his, her tongue molding its strokes to his.

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