All of me is yours.

His body shuddered, his kisses gradually turning gentle and tender, and when he pulled away, his eyes were once again blazing with emotions. Passion. Heat. Lust. Love. So much emotions, but not one of it was bleakness, and that was all she cared about.

Bleakness meant he still thought he was alone in this.

And he was not.

Never would be.

She looked up at him.

All of me is yours.

“Last chance,” he gritted out.

And because it seemed he needed to hear it out loud, she said softly and very, very clearly, “All of me is yours.”

His eyes closed. “May God forgive me.” She saw him swallow hard. “Because I might never ever let you go after this.”

And then he was carrying her to his bed and, after laying her down, she watched him pull back to reach for the drawer and take out another condom. She watched him get rid of the old one and found it an intimately erotic experience, watching the man she loved put on his own condom. It was stupid and fanciful, but she couldn’t help seeing him as a warrior, oiling his blade, and the thought of him stabbing her flesh with it and having him pull out with her blood on his blade—

Diana’s face heated as she felt her nipples pinch up in a painfully erect position.

Forgive me if this is a sin.

But I think there’s a bit of a twisted masochist in me.

And then the professor was moving back, looming over her as he nudged her legs apart, and both guilt and consciousness dissipated in the sensual, throbbing heat of his presence.

“You look beautiful,” the professor said huskily, “spread out and naked for me like this.” His fingers drifted down to her body as he spoke, and a whimper escaped her as he cupped one breast. A moment later, and she could only whimper again, with his hand fully palming her breast.

And then both of his hands were doing it, and her whimpers turned into moans. It was the most embarrassing sound, but when she tried to cover her mouth, the professor’s gaze glinted.

“I want to hear you, Diana.”

And so she found herself fisting the bed sheets on each side instead, her moans growing louder and lewder as he continued to play with her swelling and aching breasts. And when he bent down to pinch one nipple before covering it with his mouth, her body could only arch up as another moan was ripped out of her throat.

“Oh God.”

He began to suck, and she began to writhe.


Sucking and sucking, and she couldn’t stop writhing.

It was good. So good. So unbelievably good.

He moved to her other breast, and it was heaven and hell all over again, and she reached for him with a sob, fingers clawing unthinkingly on his back.

And then she felt it.

His fingers trailing down ever so slowly.

Her legs fell open.

And one finger pushed home.

A cry of pleasure broke out of her, and then all she could do was pant and remind herself to breathe as his finger withdrew and plunged back inside of her in a maddeningly leisurely pace.

“Diana.” The professor’s whisper caressed her ear, and as her body buckled, his finger pushed deeper – deep enough to brush against the membrane of her virginity – and she let out another cry.


“I’m going to take your virginity with my finger.”

She could only nod, her mind and body still too busy grappling with all the sensations that his thrusting finger were pushing to the fore.

“It’s safer that way, but after that…”

A second finger slid in, and she cried out once more, already feeling so full, and oh God, if that was how it felt now, how much fuller would she feel later on—

“It will be my dick stuffing you.”


And then it was already happening, his fingers tearing past her hymen, and a gasp broke past her lips as she could literally feel it breaking.

Matthijs’ jaw clenched as her wide, dazed doe eyes locked with his.

“It’s done,” she said shakily.

“It is.”

“And I’m yours.”


“Yes,” he rasped. “You’re mine.”

And so he slowly pulled his fingers out and moved over her to replace it with his dick, just as he fucking promised.

His gaze devoured every sweep of expression on her face as his dick nudged the moist entrance of her pussy. He wanted to memorize it, wanted to have every fucking moment of this imprinted in his brain.

Because if there would still come a day that she’d leave him, he would at least have this.

His dick slowly went in, and her fingers dug into his shoulders as her eyes went wide.


He pushed all the way in, and desire and wonder flashed in her eyes.

And then she was crying her name out.


He began to move, slowly and gently at first, his eyes never leaving her face, and when her legs tightened around his waist, he slightly increased the pace, beads of sweat lining his face as he strove to maintain his control.

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