By the time he finally managed to pull out, her lips were a deep, swollen shade of red, and it was the loveliest, most erotic sight Nicholas had ever fucking seen.

She crawled up between his legs, palms landing on each side of his body, breasts dangling tantalizingly near his mouth as silky waves of her hair fell down one bare shoulder.

He watched her lips form a smile of hopeful expectation. “Did I please you?”

God, she was the fucking sweetest…

Dragging her head down for a kiss, he whispered against her lips, “Beyond my wildest expectations.”

That she almost made him forget none of this could last.

The kiss ended all too shortly, with Tabitha laughingly pulling away with a shake of her head, saying, “We need to shower and change.”

“I don’t see why we should. We could just stay here and make love the whole day—”

She shook her head again, a mysterious smile now playing on her lips. “You’ll see.”

He let her pull him up from the bed, playing along but only until they made it to the glass-enclosed shower. He waited only until they were both naked and hot water had blasted from the ceiling-mounted shower head before making his move. She was off his feet in a second, and her stunned gasp had him chuckling.

“Nicholas!” Her legs automatically locked around his waist even as Bee made a grab of Nicholas’ broad shoulders for balance. Pulling back, she stammered, “What do you—ah!” He had lifted her up then pulled her back down, impaling her with one swift stroke.

“Oh my God.”

And then he was bouncing her on his thick, throbbing manhood, and all thoughts of protest disappeared under an overwhelming surge of sensations.

“Oh God.”

Her head lolled back, and she could only hang on to him for life.

Their lovemaking was fast, furious, and wondrously loud and lurid. It was everything she hadn’t even known to fantasize about, and she loved every moment of it.

Or at least she did until they had finally stepped out of their bedroom, and she saw how every member of the cleaning staff was giving her knowing looks. It was so obvious that they had heard all those noises she made, and her hands flew to cover her face as she let out a muffled moan of embarrassment.

Nicholas, on the other hand, simply took it by stride, and if she hadn’t been so busy drowning in mortification, she might have even gone as far as thinking her husband was practically strutting like a man who had just the best sex of his life – and wanted the whole world to know it.

Just as they were about to enter the dining room, Tabitha shook her head and tugged him towards another direction. “We’re not eating there.”

Nicholas was bemused. They weren’t?

Instead, his wife brought him all the way…to the kitchen, and Nicholas’ puzzlement only grew when he saw almost all of his ranch hands gathered inside it, along with his kitchen staff and even Thomas.

At the older man’s nod, Nicholas’ employees took their party poppers out.

What the—

Pop! Pop! Pop!

And as confetti started to rain, his staff’s boisterous cheer rang out.

“Happy monthsary, Mr. and Mrs. Sutherland!”

Nicholas’ brows shot up, and then a grinning Tabitha literally jumped into view in front of him. “Surprised?”

“Stunned speechless.” And he wasn’t lying. Not once had he this kind of celebration with his staff, and most of them had been working for him over a decade.

Rising on her toes, Tabitha placed a kiss on his nose and pulled back with a beam, saying, “And this, Mr. Sutherland, is just the beginning.”

His men filed out, and for some reason, she had the two of them following behind the twenty or so men as they went out through the back door. They walked all the way to the other side of the house, and the first thing he saw were festive party streamers hanging over the landscaped garden.

“Happy monthsary!”

Nicholas shook his head in good-natured surprise when he saw that Tabitha had actually invited just about every person working at his ranch, alongside their friends and families.


He pulled her close as he gazed down at her. “What is it, baby?”

“I thought it would be nice if we could celebrate our first week together with your staff.” She looked up at him uncertainly. “It’s okay, right?”

“It’s the perfect idea, Mrs. Sutherland.” He smiled down at her. “Thank you for preparing for this.”

And indeed, Nicholas couldn’t imagine the last time he had this much fun on his own, and without him having to live vicariously through his son. As he laughed and clapped when Thomas and Tabitha started hosting a series of games, which his men gamely joined and competed in, thoughts began to form in the back of his mind. Thoughts that would never have occurred if she hadn’t come to his life…

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