Nicholas’ eyes glittered at the way Tabitha’s quickened breathing had her bountiful breasts jiggling behind the thin fabric of her blouse. The sight called Joe’s last words to mind, with the older man assuming that consummating his unexpected marriage shouldn’t pose any problems.

In which case, Nicholas thought grimly, the old man was grossly mistaken.

The problem wasn’t about him finding the girl unattractive, and the way his cock was presently trying to poke a hole out of his jeans was proof of that. And of course, it wasn’t about her finding him unattractive either. No fucking way that could be true, with how her nipples were now making a rather pointed impression on her blouse.

Rather than either of those things, the problem lied in his inability to see where things would go the moment he took her to bed. He had never been attracted to her type – cute rather than beautiful, awkward rather than sophisticated, innocent rather than experienced.

His instincts warned him against getting involved, but for the first time since the accident Nicholas found himself unable to heed them. Even knowing that one night was all it would take for this girl to turn his world upside down—

To hell with it.

He told himself that he was only doing this because he didn’t want to risk losing his half of his fortune.

And that was it, Nicholas told himself. He was going to fuck her because the contract said so and for no other reason than that.

And now that his mind was made up…

His gaze returned to her, and Nicholas saw the way her body involuntarily trembled in reaction to his scrutiny.

We’re just getting started, baby.

Nicholas continued to watch her under hooded lids, silent and still as he let lust play out and work its magic. He hadn’t always been a patient man, but because his misspent youth had made him pay a heavy price for his once reckless ways, Nicholas had learned to appreciate the value of discipline and control. Every aspect of his life had also come to reflect this, his every risk the result of careful deliberation, and most importantly of all, he always bid his time.


And especially when it came to fucking.

He watched and waited, her arousal softly stirring into life like the most deliciously edible flower blossoming under the demanding heat of his need. One by one, the most wanton desires of her body revealed itself like tenderly unfurling petals.

The clouded look in her eyes as her tongue darted out to lick her dry lips.

The gradual swell of her breasts as her shapely legs pressed together.

And then the sound of her voice—


The look in Nicholas’ eyes turned possessive, the last petal of her surrender having unfolded at the way she tremulously whispered his name with unconscious yearning. Even though she didn’t know it yet, she had, at that moment, given herself to him. Fire had completely taken over her senses, and Tabitha was his to do as he pleased.


Her name had become both a silken invitation and a rough command, and Bee nearly whimpered at its potently seductive impact on her dazed senses. She hungered like she never did, and the sensation thrilled and terrified her at the same time.

It was like living a dream, and in it, Nicholas Sutherland had become her master, and she was dying for him to hold her. Play with her. Claim her.

And when she heard him ask in a voice harsh with need, “Do you want me to kiss you?”

She almost ended up sobbing out her answer. “Yes.” Because she wanted and needed him so. Hungered for him the way she had never thought she would hunger for anything in her entire life—

His fingers drove into her hair, and a whimper escaped her.

His head slowly bent down.

Nicholas’ lips pried hers open, and his tongue drove deep into her mouth.

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.

And she could no longer think, desire seizing control of her body as her arms wound around his neck and she found herself kissing him back, hesistantly at first, but upon hearing his growl of satisfaction, Bee gained enough confidence to let her tongue mate with his.

Nicholas let out another growl at the touch of her tongue, and a whimper spilled past her lips as he suddenly hauled her up. Her legs instantly locked around his waist, and his tongue drove deeper into her mouth.

Something long, thick, and hard began to throb against her belly, and she choked back a cry. Nicholas had started to walk, but she was barely aware of this, her every thought consumed by the way his cock kept pulsing against her.

The only time she finally became aware of her surroundings was when Nicholas started to lay her down, and she opened her eyes.

They were no longer at the corral, Bee realized dizzily. Instead, they were inside a vast and intensely masculine bedroom, albeit tastefully decorated in leather and torch-finished cedar.

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