His bed was big and luxurious, with crisp, cotton sheets, and the thought of resisting didn’t even cross her mind as Nicholas started undressing her. She even raised her arms to help him get rid of her blouse and lifted her hips up as he pulled her skirt down her legs. It was only when he reached for the front clasp of her bra that she couldn’t help stiffening and feeling self-conscious, and Nicholas seemed to sense this.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of,” he said softly. “I’m your husband. Remember?”

A moment passed before he saw Tabitha willing her body to relax, and guilt and satisfaction warred inside of him. It didn’t feel right, to have her trust his words so, but at the same time, he was unable to stop himself from deriving a primal sense of pleasure in the way she yielded complete control of her body to his.

With a flick of his fingers, the cups of her bra fell loosely to the sides of her body, and her sweet, rounded flesh was finally bared to his gaze. She had the most amazing pair of breasts, and he wasn’t surprised to find his hands slightly shaking as he reached to cup them.

Her body buckled at the very first touch, and it buckled yet again when Nicholas started kneading the pink-tipped globes. With every little thing he did – cupping and squeezing her breasts, tweaking and pinching her nipples – she would react, her lips parting in a moan, her back arching and her legs snaking restlessly against the sheets. Her uninhibited response threatened to erode his control as he found herself starving for more. Bending down, he took one nipple into his mouth, and she cried his name out.


It was the sweetest, hottest little sound, and he found himself sucking harder on her nipple. She began to whimper and buckle, and as her hands moved up to rake through his hair, his own hands began to move. He cupped one ass cheek with his left hand while his other hand reached for one of the lacy straps that kept her panties in place.

A gasp escaped Tabitha as he ripped her underwear off with one yank, and then she was clutching her head to him, her nipple pushing deeper into his mouth as she sobbed his name out.

“Nicholas. Oh God. Nicholas.”

He moved to her other breast and took his time feasting on it while his fingers renewed its exploration, gently sliding over her already moist folds. For a little while, his strokes remained lazy and constant, moving back and forth until he felt her legs relax. Only then did he slowly slide one finger in, and her folds, now heavy and swollen with arousal, parted without resistance to give him entry.

Bee’s eyes flew wide open the moment she felt his finger slowly but steadily penetrating her womanhood. The sensation was unlike anything she could ever imagine, and oh dear God, but she wanted more. By the time, his finger was knuckle-deep inside of her, Bee already felt incredibly full, and she didn’t dare let herself think just how much fuller she would feel, once it was his cock filling her—

Nicholas’ finger had suddenly started moving, and desire once again took over, the rest of her thoughts disappearing as her own pussy started to ache and throb. And when he started moving his finger in and out at a faster and harder pace, she could no longer help herself, her body arching to meet each thrust. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. And then a second finger shoved inside of her without warning, and Bee let out a scream. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. And he was doing it so much faster now. So much harder. So much deeper.

This was how it felt, to be fucked by her husband’s fingers.

And the moment the thought formed, it began – her orgasm consuming every cell of her body, the pleasure so acute that for one moment she seemed in danger of losing consciousness. She started to cry as shudders of pleasure wracked her body. It was just so, so good. Just too, too good that a tiny part of her couldn’t believe it was real.

She felt him pulling away, and Bee’s desire-clouded gaze hazily focused on him. He was stripping his clothes off with quick efficiency, and in moments, Nicholas stood completely naked, big and bronze and all over, and her pussy instantly reacted, one last stream of cum spilling out of her folds.

Nicholas sucked his breath. While he had long lost count of the number of women he had taken to bed, he was damn sure that not a single one of them had managed to cum at the mere sight of his naked body.

And that it would be Tabitha, of all women…

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