“I literally owe you my sister’s life, and I could never thank you enough for that..”

All this time he had been close to murdering someone at the mere thought of her walking out on their marriage, was she saying that he had been fucking worried…for nothing?

“And that’s why I had to come here and really talk to you about this. I want you to know that we don’t have to stay married for me to take care of Liam. I already love him as he is, and I would be more than glad to be his nanny for as long as he needs me, and you can take your time looking for a more suitable wife—”

Logan finally snapped to attention at Tilly’s mention of another woman.

“I promise I won’t make any trouble, and I’ll sign whatever contract—”


It was that tone again, and she reluctantly shut up. If he had been a little louder or ruder, she might have balked, but it was just plain impossible to go against someone so excruciatingly courteous.

“You have it all wrong,” he said finally. “You are suitable—”

Tilly shook her head again. “I know I’m not. I’ve been thinking about this really hard, and I’ve come to the conclusion that you’ve just been really good at hiding how kind and softhearted you are.”

Logan could only stare at her this time. Kind? Softhearted? Had the woman lost her mind?

“You could’ve chosen another mail-order bride, someone less troublesome and costly, but you were fine with me even if I also came with a kid sister.”

Because Charlotte had told him he had no choice. It was either her or the gold digger.

“You obviously have a thing for tall, leggy blondes, and since I’m none of those things, I’ll never do it for you. But because you’re just so nice, you would rather avoid coming home than tell me the truth.”

Unbelievable. Logan could only give her full marks for having such an overactive imagination. He had avoided coming home because of her; she was right about that at least. But it wasn’t because he hadn’t known how to tell Tilly he found her unattractive. Rather, it was the fucking opposite. He had wanted her too damn much, and he had been sleeping at his office all this goddamn time, trying to find a way to regain control over his body.

Tilly tried not to feel too glum at the billionaire’s continued silence, which she could only assume was an affirmation of her suspicions. “I’m right, aren’t I?”

“You’re not.”

Her eyes widened.

“But I guess there’s only one way to prove it.”

Chapter 6

Tilly hadn’t any chance to say or think. In one swift, firm yank, the billionaire had already hauled her close, and she could only gasp as her body tumbled against his hardness, a shiver racking her own frame as his hands slowly swept down until he was cupping the cheeks of her ass.

Logan squeezed them hard, something he had been imagining doing since he watched her walk away in his bedroom. They were as perfectly rounded as he had imagined, and he squeezed them again. Harder this time. Enough to make her gasp anew, and he didn’t hesitate to take advantage, his head bending down as his tongue thrust inside her mouth.

Oh. Dear. Lord.

Tilly’s grip on his hair involuntarily tightened as his tongue stroked and mated with hers in dark, hungry intent. Her breasts felt so heavy and swollen, and when he squeezed her ass again, she couldn’t help whimpering against his lips as she felt a sweet, piercing pain draw her nipples out, its aroused tips so hard and pointed that when they brushed against the muscular wall of his chest, she couldn’t keep herself from crying out.

Tilly’s cry of pleasure was the sexiest little sound Logan had ever heard, and it had his control slipping further away from him. He had never brought a woman to his office, had never been the type to mix business with pleasure. But with Tilly’s sounds of pleasure still ringing in his ears, he realized he no longer gave a damn.

The taste of her lips was intoxicating, and the innocently sensual way her body kept rubbing against him ignited a blaze that burned the last shreds of his control. His restraint, his resolve and common sense, it was all fucking gone, and every damn wall he had built around himself was burnt to ashes, until the only thing left was her.

Tilly let out another tiny gasp when the billionaire suddenly lifted her up in his arms, and then she gasped again when he swept everything off his desk. Hearing various objects fall and crash to the floor – pens, papers, even his phone – made her feel increasingly lightheaded, but the idea of resisting didn’t even occur to her as she felt the billionaire slowly lay her down on his massive desk.

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