Their eyes locked with each other, and she felt her stomach drop at the hard glitter of lust in his eyes. He was looking at her like he wanted to fuck her long and hard, fuck her until he had torn her apart the way a devil would devour the sacrificial virgin laid on his altar.

She should be scared.

But she was not.

And so she didn’t look away even as his hand slowly skimmed her leg, starting slowly from her ankle before moving up inch by inch. Her knee. Her thigh. And finally, he had reached the hem of her lacy underwear—


Her breath caught at the telltale sound, and she couldn’t help but whimper when he withdrew his hand, the scrap of lace between his fingers. Oh dear. Did that mean she was going home later minus her—


Distracted as her thoughts were, she hadn’t realized that his hand had moved back under her dress until it was too late, and he was already stroking her folds.

“No—” It was embarrassing to feel how wet and quivery her flesh was, and she instinctively tried pushing his hand away.

“Don’t.” His voice was sharp and rough, the command in it unmistakable, and she saw his gaze blaze with satisfaction as her hands slowly fell away. It was easy to see that her submissiveness pleased him, and oh dear Lord, was it an unforgivable sin that seeing it made her want to submit even more?

His fingers started moving again, leisurely stroking her folds all the while lashing her senses into a reeling, pulsing frenzy.

A whimper spilled past her lips as her body started moving on its own, arching up as if it wanted to catch him unawares and have his fingers accidentally thrust inside of her.

The sight was intoxicating, and Logan couldn’t recall seeing a more erotic sight. His other free hand began to move, unzipping himself as he watched her writhe and whimper at the expert strokes of his fingers.


The sweet note of begging in her voice was too damn irresistible, and as he slipped his middle finger inside of her, he reached for his cock with his other hand, pulling it out so he could simultaneously stroke himself.

Tilly couldn’t stop writhing and moaning. His fingers were driving her mad. He was so good. Just so good. And…what was that sound she was hearing?

Her dazed eyes drifted open, and her breath caught at seeing the billionaire masturbate while—


He had slipped another finger inside of her without warning, and her body arched up at the strange, exquisite fullness of his penetration.

In and out, his two fingers went, every thrust matched by the gripping strokes that had his cock swelling to a monstrously large size. It was a gloriously decadent sight, and she just couldn’t stop staring, her gaze moving back and forth between the concurrent acts of pleasure: his fingers shoving in and out of her vagina and his other hand stroking his phallus.

She unconsciously wetted her lips, and it seemed to do something to him. Because the next thing she knew, his fingers were thrusting deeper into her, so, so deep he almost broke past her hymen, and as a gasp tore out of her, his fingers thrust even faster and harder, while his other hand mimicked its speed.

She could see his cock literally growing in his hand, and oh dear Lord, it was so big, too, too big that she couldn’t even imagine it fitting her—

Her dazed eyes sought his again, and it seemed her gaze spelled out her unspoken question rather easily as a hoarse laugh escaped him.

“It’s going to fit, baby.”

Tilly felt like she was floating. Baby. He had called her baby.

“And it’s going to feel like dynamite.”

Three fingers pushed inside of her, and it was as he said.


Her eyes rolled back.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

She started to cum, and soon, she heard him growling low in his throat. She forced her eyes open, saw the billionaire spending himself in his own hand, and the sight had her whimpering. Oh God. That he would cum just by watching her and touching himself…

The thought had her body jerking, and she cried out as the inner muscles of her pussy tightened around his fingers. They made her feel so stuffed, and it would only feel even more wonderful if it was his cock inside of her the next time.

Logan waited for the last tremors of her body to die down before carefully pulling his fingers out of her. It made a wet plopping sound, and his cock twitched, almost as if it couldn’t help responding to every little thing about her.

His fingers were wet and sticky with her release, and before he even realized what he was doing, he was already licking one finger, tasting her, just as Tilly’s eyes drifted open. He saw her start at the sight, but he didn’t stop what he was doing.

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