Shaking her head in protest, she tried pushing him away, worried of what would happen if she lost control, but the billionaire only responded by forcing her to move back until he had her trapped between him and the cold, hard wall behind her.

One hand pinched her nipple hard, and her body buckled. His other hand reached for the hem of her dress, and her eyes widened. He started inching it up, and her eyes widened. Cold air began to tease her bare skin. From her knees, to her thighs, and OH MY GOD, how could she have forgotten she had no panties on?

Logan reluctantly let go when Tilly’s struggles became too insistent to ignore. “What is it?”

“You can’t touch me here,” she protested under her breath.

“Why not?”

She could only stare at him, unable to believe he was seriously asking such a question, when he hadn’t even bothered to lock the door and anyone could’ve walked in on them. “You’re really used to women letting you get away with anything, aren’t you?”

“You really think I’d answer that honestly,” he returned blandly, “considering how much I want to fuck you?”

Tilly pretended to pout. “At least say you’ve never wanted any girl as much as you want me.”

“It’s true.”

The billionaire’s tone was disgruntled, and she had to quickly suppress a smile. Smiling up at him, she said gravely, “We can pick up where we left off as soon as we get home—”

She had barely finished speaking when the billionaire was already walking out of the nursery, telling her over his shoulder to get Liam ready, and Tilly was seriously torn between laughing and having a doctor check on Logan.

Why did this man want her so?

None of Logan’s friends batted an eye when he told them that he and Tilly had to leave, and they were equally circumspect when the billionaire, as soon as Tilly joined them in the balcony, took Liam in his arms and then used his other free hand to hold Tilly’s.

In all the years they had known him, not once had Logan displayed such keen interest or attachment to any of the women he dated, and it was only when the couple had left did everyone start talking.

Did you see that, Harry blurted out.

He cares for her, doesn’t he, Bee asked.

I’d say he’s already halfway in love with her, Sean asserted with a snort.

And throughout it, Charlotte simply smiled in silent satisfaction. It was nice to know she still hadn’t lost her touch, but she also knew she couldn’t quite celebrate yet. It was only when Tilly officially became Mrs. Logan Hardwall that the real test would begin, and Logan would inevitably find himself having to choose between the secure future his ambition promised…and all the ups and downs that came with falling in love.

Chapter 10

It was close to ten in the evening by the time they arrived back home, and Logan took hold of Liam before helping her out of the limousine. After, she insisted on carrying the toddler again, and the billionaire had to satisfy himself with an arm curled possessively around her waist.

Anyone seeing them would’ve been forgiven for thinking they were a young couple with their firstborn rather than the nanny with her young charge and handsome boss, and it was exactly the case when they found a visibly-confused Billie seated at the top of the stairs.

“Billie!” Tilly tried not to look guilty even as she self-consciously moved away from the billionaire. “Why are you still up?”

“I was waiting for you.”

“But I specifically told you not to—”

The younger girl only shrugged, her curious gaze still on Logan. “Are you dating my sister?”

Tilly choked. “Billie, what on earth—”

“Yes, I am.”

Her gaze flew to the billionaire in shock. What about the timeline? Weren’t they supposed to stick to their timeline?

“But you’ve only just met her,” the girl pointed out suspiciously.

“Things like this happen lightning-fast sometimes.”

Billie wrinkled her nose. “You mean like love?”

“Oh my God, Billie—” Tilly could’ve died of embarrassment with the way her sister was keeping the billionaire in the hot seat. “You don’t have to answer that, Mr. Hardwall—”

“I don’t see why I shouldn’t,” Logan said easily.

“You don’t?”

But the billionaire’s attention had already switched back to Billie.

“It’s not always love right away,” Logan was saying carefully, “but I do care for your sister a lot, and I’d like to continue seeing her. It would make me very happy if you and Tilly become a part of my life – if you don’t have any objections, that is?”

A thoughtful expression crossed the girl’s face. “Well…I’d be stupid if I did, right? I mean, your house is much bigger than my school.”

Logan nearly smiled.

“You have more cars than we have shoes, too.”

What a mercenary little thing, the billionaire thought, but somehow he found himself more amused than offended, probably because the child was so being earnestly honest with the whole thing.

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