Logan started palming her breasts, and her lips parted in a silent moan at the first touch of his fingers. She could feel his gaze hungrily taking in her every reaction, and instead of feeling shy, it made her want to relish the pleasure, to let him know how much she was enjoying his attention.

Even though she had never had a boyfriend, a part of her had always known that she would be the type to enjoy sex, especially with how she had learned to touch herself even in her teens.

And now that she finally had a lover to take her virginity without having to worry about her virginity…

When Logan bent his head to take one nipple into his mouth, she found herself even assisting him. She cupped her own breasts to make it easier for him, and she heard him growl in approval at the way she boldly pushed her nipple deeper into his mouth. He sucked harder, and her knees buckled.

He was practically eating her now, just as his gaze had promised earlier, and it felt so good – too incredibly good, actually, that she found herself clutching his shoulders in fear of her knees giving out completely.

When his mouth suddenly left her breast, Tilly couldn’t help digging her fingers into his back in silent protest, unable to make a sound with Liam still sleeping soundly a few feet away from them.

He smirked up at her, and she was torn between strangling and begging him to pleasure her again.


The rest of his name disappeared in a drugging kiss, and she could only lean into him, her tongue drawn into mating with his…and then his mouth was gone again, and Tilly’s entire body shook in frustration.

“Stop playing with me,” she half-demanded, half-pleaded.

“Sssh.” The billionaire nipped her upper lip. “It’s going to get better.” His hands clasped her hips as he spoke, using it to pull her close, and before she knew what he was planning, he had already planted his lips at the hottest, wettest center of her core.

Oh God.

She found herself grinding her pussy against his mouth even as her cheeks burned at the wantonness of her attitude. He truly was temptation incarnate, and the thought was further reinforced when he started sucking on her clit. She tried to hold back, tried to withstand the sweet torment to delay the inevitable.

But with every second that passed, she could feel her body tightening from the inside, pleasure twisting and spiraling—

His hands suddenly moved, one to squeeze the left cheek of her ass, and the second to give the other half of her ass a good, hard spank. It came completely as a shock to her, but it was also exactly what she needed to push her past the edge.

She came hard and fast, her lips parted in another silent moan, powerful tremors racking her naked body since he still hadn’t let go and his tongue continued its relentless drive even as creamy moisture dripped out of her.

Even by the time the billionaire finally laid her down on the bed, aftermath jolts were still rocking her body, and she could only watch dazedly as he swiftly stripped himself of his clothes. A moment later, and he was joining her in bed, his hands firmly parting her legs open so his large, powerful body could settle between them.

Her throat dried as she watched him take hold of his big, hard cock, and she couldn’t tear her gaze away even as he used its swollen head to rub up and down against her folds, which were once again moist and quivering. The feel of it was agonizingly sensual, and she could only hold her breath when the first few inches of his member finally slipped in.

Oh God.

She had known beforehand that having his cock penetrate her would make her feel full, but she realized right away that her imagination was a far pale imitation of reality. Because right now, what she was feeling was so, so much more, with him making her feel stuffed, his cock so exquisitely long and big that it really did seem he could tear her apart.

“Hang on.” His voice was strained and made hoarse by the effort it took to keep a measured pace as he drove his cock deeper into her.

“I’m t-trying.” Hers, on the other hand, was a tremulous pant. With every added inch that went inside of Tilly, the sleek but tight walls of her pussy stretched to accommodate him. But even with all the pleasure it gave her, she couldn’t help seriously wondering if maybe it was possible for him not to fit.

Logan saw the look on her face and knew exactly what she was secretly fretting about. “It’s going to fit, babe.”

“Of course.”

But she was still panting, her smile a tad dubious, and while logic told the billionaire that he wasn’t uttering any lie, it was not fucking helping at all that she really did think he had this monstrously big cock. His ego loved that, but more importantly, it had his erection swelling even greater in size.

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