A good thing, considering how it turned her pussy deliciously tighter than it already was, but a bad thing since it might mean causing her more pain when he finally took her virginity.

“How much does it hurt now?” he managed to ask.

“It d-doesn’t exactly—AAAH!” The last two inches of his cock lodged inside of her in one deep, forceful thrust, her hymen giving way with a searing flash of pain, and it was only then she realized his question had been a mere distraction.

“Y-You…” But she couldn’t even finish a single sentence, the mad rush of emotions jumbling inside of Tilly making her incoherent. There was just so much to feel, pleasure coming at her from just about every major erogenous zone of her body. Breasts swollen and heavy, nipples scraping against his chest, and oh God, she didn’t even know where to begin or how to explain what was happening between her legs, with the entire length of his cock now pulsing powerfully against the walls of her vagina.

She felt him start to pull out, and she instinctively wanted to cry out, No!

Not when they were just starting.

But then a nanosecond later, and she felt his cock rubbing against every inner inch of her pussy as it pulled out, and it was like having her whole world spin out of control. What was supposed to be a cry of protest instantly turned into a whimper. More. More. More. That was what her wordless whimpers meant, and it seemed as if the billionaire understood perfectly, because he had now begun a steadily increasing pace of driving his erection in and out of her.

Slowly and gently at first, and when her legs wrapped tightly around his waist and her hips began to meet his thrusts, the billionaire moved faster and sank deeper, every plunge of his cock driving her closer and closer to that sweet, euphoric madness her body was already crying out for.

Oh God, but he just made her feel so good.

Everything he was and everything he did seemed designed by fate to intoxicate her. The way he gazed at her. Kissed her. Touched her. Even the heavy, slapping sounds created by the constant smashing of their naked bodies was a seduction in itself, with the way it added a thrillingly forbidden flavor to his lovemaking.

He fucked her so beautifully, so exquisitely good, that she found herself submitting completely to his dominance, all thoughts melting away until the only thing she remembered was his name.

“Logan.” It came out in a whimper. A moan. A cry. And when she felt his hand between their bodies, reaching down to pinch her clit, his name turned into a scream.


He pounded into her, harder, deeper, and faster than ever, and it was the beginning of her rapid freefall into lust-laced madness. Her breath caught, her nipples tightened into pointed buds, and her stomach clenched with anticipation.

“Come for me, baby.”

Her world spun off tangent, a cry tearing out of her throat as her body arched in devoted obedience to his command, and Tilly’s orgasm spilled down in creamy, powerful spurts that dripped past the length of his cock and all the way down to her legs.

“Logan.” She was sobbing his name now. Begging him. Because with the billionaire still moving, his cock repeatedly ramming into her, there seemed no end in sight for her climax. Her body was in a constant state of writhing, and she could barely manage to breathe.


Too good. So absolutely, impossibly good.

And as she finally heard Logan growl her name, his powerful body arching as his cock ejaculated its first load into her, Tilly could feel her own body reacting helplessly, one last irresistibly lurid wave of pleasure causing her inner muscles to contract.

Oh God.

It was too, too much, and the most incredibly ludicrous possibility popped into her brain just as her vision started to blur.

Was it really possible for someone to fuck another person’s brains out?

It was Tilly’s last thought before her eyelids swept close, and she herself became the answer to her question.

Chapter 12

Tilly’s body was exquisitely sore the next day, and she was conscious of a tingling sensation between her legs every time she moved about the nursery, cleaning up while Liam played with his new set of building blocks.

It was almost as if her pussy was humming in satisfaction, having been deflowered by the most consummate of lovers, and just thinking about last night was enough to have her wet and shivery all over again.

That their first night together was the most incredible thing to have happened to her had to be the understatement of the century, and Tilly didn’t know whether to feel disgruntled or amused at the fact that just one round of sex with the billionaire had her briefly passing out.

Not that it ended there, of course. Logan had been quite insatiable, and when she finally regained enough of her senses to open her eyes, it was to see the billionaire stroking his cock, his gaze trained on her naked body while he waited for her to wake.

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