And after that, well…ooh la la.

‘I need you again.’ He had spoken the words as he mounted her, and all she had been able to do was open her legs and let him in. A part of her had been terrified that the first time had merely been a fluke and sex would be mediocre after that. But it wasn’t. Instead, it just kept getting better, with her pleasure increasing as the pain of having her hymen torn apart gradually faded.

They had made love until the rising sun had turned the skies into an ombre of Dijon to dandelion yellow, and in those six or so hours, the billionaire had been inexhaustible. He had taught her how to ride him like he was a stallion, and afterwards he had her on all fours, fucking her from behind like they were dogs in heat. He had taught her how to make him cum by rubbing his cock between her tits, and in return he had made her lose her mind as he fisted her until she was sobbing out in her climax.

When she had to wake Liam for his next feed, the billionaire had insisted on having her sit on his lap while she bottle-fed the toddler. And as Liam sleepily sucked, Logan had lifted Tilly off him for a moment – and when he brought her back down, it was to have his cock impale her at the same time, and she could only bite her cries back, not wanting to disturb Liam.

It had been the most salacious of torments, having his big, hard cock just throbbing inside of her, causing Tilly’s inner muscles to tighten and release reflexively while she fought hard to keep still for Liam’s sake.

And when it was time to finally return Liam to his crib, the billionaire had simply waited for her to bend over the railing, and as soon as she had the toddler, already fast asleep, back on his bed, Logan had plunged right back into her, and it started all over again.

It was only the knowledge that Billie would be knocking on the door soon to say goodbye before leaving for school that had the billionaire reluctantly taking his leave. He had given her a long, deep kiss before quietly pulling the door shut, and a moment later her mobile phone had buzzed with an incoming text.

Logan: I’ll be at the office until late.

A few seconds later, another text had come in.

Logan: Don’t wait up.

Another moment passed, and one last message arrived at her inbox.

Logan: Call me if you need anything.

Remembering this made Tilly shake her head in ruminant amusement. He hadn’t any need to update her, but he had. And when he had realized it was so, he had tried to be brusque by asking her not to wait for him. But then he had feared that he would end up unintentionally hurting her, and so he had backpedalled, asking her to call him for any reason.

Contradictory as always, perverse to a fault, and that was why, Tilly thought with a tiny smile, her gorgeous billionaire was also delightfully predictable. Plopping down next to Liam on the carpeted floor, she gave him a tight hug from behind, and Liam dropped the blocks he was holding in surprise.


“Sorry, little one.” But because the scowl on his chubby face was just too cute, she couldn’t resist teasing him a little more, holding on to him even as the toddler tried to wriggle out of her hold. When he realized he couldn’t get away, he turned to her with a squawk of protest.


What in the world—

Tilly looked down at Liam in shock. “What did you say?”

But it was the little boy’s turn to tease her, only looking up at Tilly with an innocent expression.

“Why you little rascal…is this your way of getting even with me?”

The toddler laughed.

She took the building blocks he had dropped and handed them back to him. “Now, what did you say again?”

“Ten tyu.”

“No, no.” She was torn between laughing and groaning, feeling like she had just been bested by a one-year-old. “Come on, what did you say earlier? Who am I?”

Liam kept playing with his blocks.


But the toddler only blinked, as if he only spoke Mandarin now.

Just like his uncle, Tilly thought grumpily, when there was something Logan didn’t want to hear. She tried one last time to wheedle the word out of Liam, but the baby didn’t even seem to hear her this time, and Tilly began to feel guilt about pressuring a one-year-old to say something she wanted.

After all, it was very possible that he still vaguely remembered his biological mother, mistook Tilly for her. and that was why he had called her—


Tilly’s head snapped back to Liam. She saw the little boy proudly holding out the tower he had built, and it was six blocks high.

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