Slade wasn’t surprised when his little chick slowly shook her head.

“Thought so,” she heard her boss murmur, and Kady winced.

Damned if I do, damned if I don’t, the billionaire mused.

“Well then…”

Kady couldn’t help stiffening when she saw the way Slade was suddenly looking at her with hooded lids. Uh…oh…

“Since you feel that way,” Slade said silkily, “I might as well give you a reason to be scared.”


But Slade was already leaning towards her, and Kady let out another gasp when his arm shot over hers—


Her seat fell back, and the next thing she knew, she was flat on her back, and Slade was looming over her.

Oh my God, was he going to kiss—

His head went down.

Kady gasped.

He was kissing her alright, but his lips hadn’t even landed on her mouth or anywhere on her face.

She felt him start to suckle, and Kady nearly screamed.

He suckled harder, and this time her brain completely shut down, her eyes rolling back at the sheer, agonizing pleasure of his mouth suckling on one fabric-covered nipple.

Oh. Dear. Sweet. Je—

A choked sound escaped her when he suddenly bit her nipple, and she could feel her body starting to writhe.

The heat of his mouth, the feel of his tongue, the graze of his teeth…

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.

She felt one of his hands moving, felt his thumb reach her mouth, and her lips began to tremble even as they parted open. One long, hard finger slid in, and she couldn’t help it.

Slade’s cock throbbed painfully hard when Kady suddenly started sucking his finger. He hadn’t expected someone as innocent as her do such a thing, and that it was Kady of all people…

Too fucking hot, and his hunger grew, his mouth sucking so damn hard on her nipple that it had her fingers raking through his hair.

And then she was tightly gripping his head, her writhing body arching to push her nipple deeper into his mouth…


The sound of his name on her lips – unexpected, sweet, and too dangerously arousing – jerked the billionaire back to his senses, and he somehow found the strength to yank away before he ended up taking Kady’s virginity in the middle of a fucking highway.

He saw her desire-clouded eyes gaze up at him in hurt confusion, and damn if that didn’t make his cock feel trapped in the tightest fucking cage of denim.

“Keep looking at me like that,” he growled, “and I fucking swear you won’t leave this car a virgin.”

It took several seconds before the truth of his words dawned, and Kady shot up in her seat with a gasp, color flooding her cheeks as vividly erotic images started playing back in her mind.

Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.

She turned away from Slade as she clumsily reached for the lever to get her seat back to its normal incline.

What just happened?

She could feel herself starting to tremble, and when she realized how heavy and swollen her breasts still felt—

Before she could even think of what she was about to do, her gaze had already darted back to him.


White-hot desire had turned Slade’s eyes into a blazing shade of blue, and when the sight had her unconsciously wetting her lips, Kady saw him suck his breath in even as his nostrils flared.

“I can feel you wanting me,” Slade gritted out.

Kady whimpered.

“But at the same time—” His gaze turned brooding. “You’re not fucking attracted to me.”

She tried to make sense of what he was saying. She wanted him, he said, without being attracted to him? She turned the words over and over until she tried applying them to him –

He wanted her, Kady thought, and that much she knew was true.

But to say that he was also attracted to her…

He knew the exact moment she reached the same conclusion he had.

“I’m right,” he murmured, “aren’t I?”

She started to answer, but Slade chose that same moment to nip at her lower lip, and her senses reeled. When he lifted his head again, she had to swallow a few times, and even then, her voice still came out hopelessly dazed. “I guess that makes you…a really good kisser?”

The billionaire didn’t have a chance to answer, not with her phone suddenly ringing shrilly between them, and he immediately leaned back. He watched her take her phone out, saw her eyes widen, and he stiffened.

Kady turned to him, saying blankly, “It’s Eric.”


“He says he wants to meet me tonight.”

Fucking Von Humbug.

Chapter Eight

What A Fool Believes

* * *

“It is sadder to find the past again and find it inadequate to the present than it is to have it elude you and remain forever a harmonious conception of memory.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

* * *

It was quite incredible, Kady found herself marveling as she walked hurriedly towards the diner across the university, how powerful a distraction sex (or in her case, practically sex) proved to be. Although she had been too proud to let Farica know the truth, first days of school did tend to turn her into a basket case of worries and anxieties.

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