She almost, almost giggled but ended up coughing instead when her gaze accidentally clashed with her ex’s outraged glare.

Eric couldn’t stop gnashing his teeth. Well, fuck. Didn’t she have any plans leaving the guy’s lap? His gaze raked the older guy from head to toe, Eric determined to find all the asshole’s faults. Unfortunately, this proved easier said than done, with the bastard beating Eric in just about every physical category. Taller, a hell of a lot bigger, better looking, and worst of all, even the guy’s tan looked a lot more legit than his.

Left grasping at straws, Eric found himself pathetically clutching at the one and only advantage left to him: this guy might have an uncanny resemblance to a famous superhero, but that was fiction, and this was real life, and bottom line, guys like this asshole would live his entire life working for guys like him.

The play of expressions on the boy’s face, which started off with an expression of insecurity and false pride before eventually turning into bullish pride and blind self-importance, was laughably easy to read, and the billionaire was almost tempted to assure Kady, who was back to being her adorably jittery self on his lap, that she had nothing to worry about.

But since doing so would take the fun out of things, Slade was content to let things play out a little longer and instead focused his time on more diverting endeavors.

Kady nearly gasped when she felt her boss shift under her, and the next thing she knew, his rock-hard dick was right between the cheeks of her ass.




Eric’s eyes nearly bulged when he saw Kady suddenly looking flustered and her tongue darting out to wet her lips. What the fuck? Unable to help it, his gaze automatically swung to the bastard still holding Kady prisoner in his lap, and the other man actually met his gaze head on just before letting his lips slowly and tauntingly curve into a smirk.

Eric’s face turned a blotchy shade of red as he shot up in his seat, feeling like his manhood had just been challenged. But before he could even think of what to throw at the asshole, the other man had already beaten him to speaking.

“You must be Eric Von Humbug.”

Kady let out a gasp just as the color in her ex’s face deepened into that of an overly ripe tomato. And if vegetables could explode, Kady thought weakly, it would probably look like Eric now.

“It’s Von Humboldt, asshole,” Eric snarled.

Kady gasped again. “Eric! That’s—” But her words turned into a barely audible whimper as she felt Slade nip the side of her neck.

“It’s fine, little chick,” her boss murmured, and with his lips still grazing her neck, every word tickled her skin, and it was all Kady could do not to faint.

Leaning back, Slade smiled at the boy, saying simply, “My bad.”

The apology was so smoothly delivered it made Eric verbally flounder and feel like he had the tables turned on him, and he hadn’t even fucking seen it coming.

The sight of Eric’s mouth flapping open like some caught flounder soon lost its entertainment value, and the billionaire’s gaze bored through Kady’s ex. Come on, boy. At least make this meeting a bit more worth my time.

Eric badly wanted to drive his fist into the man’s bearded face. Even if the bastard hadn’t said a single word, he knew when he was being insulted, and fuck it, but this man…this asshole wasn’t acting the way dirt-poor hicks were supposed to act. “Who the hell are you, anyway?” Eric’s animosity caused his voice to turn shrill at the very end, and humiliation burned inside of him when he saw both Kady and the asshole wince.

“I’m Kady’s boss…” The billionaire slowly curved an arm around Kady’s waist in a languorous gesture of possession. “Among other things.”

Kady’s boss? Eric’s gaze snapped to Kady. “Is he for real?”

Kady lifted her chin, saying very firmly, “Yes.”

Eric threw the asshole a look of contempt, demanding, “Aren’t you a little too old to be one of those other things?”

“That’s how it would probably look like to boys your age—”

The complacent tone used by Kady’s boss had Eric feeling like he was being indirectly insulted again, despite the man’s ready admission to robbing the cradle.

“But you see, Humbug—”

“Van Humboldt!”

“I’m just not seeing to date her.”

The man rubbed his thumb over Kady’s knuckles as he spoke, and Eric realized the asshole was subtly telling him he was planning to someday put a ring on his ex’s finger. More than that, this asshole from the boonies probably saw his naïve ex-girlfriend as his meal ticket for life, and the thought filled him with self-righteous indignation.

Intent on saving Kady from her money-grubbing manwhore boss, he turned to her and was just in time to see the asshole’s hands disappear under the table. A moment later, Kady started blushing, and a thousand horribly vulgar scenarios instantly popped in his mind.

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