Leaning forward, Slade whispered in her ear, “Aneurysm #2 about to rupture.” But since the words also strategically coincided with the movement of his hands – a squeeze of her knee on one side and his fingers drifting over her trembling thigh on another – Kady couldn’t even think of laughing, and it was all she could do not to moan out loud.

Eric saw the man whispering into his ex’s ear like Manson with one of his girls, and his temper hit boiling point. That was it! But before he could even do his manly best at throwing a tantrum, it was as if the asshole was always ten steps ahead of him.

“Time we should go, I think.” Kady’s boss had once again beat him to speaking, and while Eric’s mouth started flapping again, the asshole was already gently helping Kady off his lap.

Eric finally had the wits to scramble up to his feet, but by this time the asshole had also risen to his full height, and Eric’s self-confidence took a nosedive when he realized Kady’s boss stood a good half-foot taller.

Slade took his wallet out and placed a fifty-dollar bill on the table. “My treat, kid.” And as if he didn’t notice at all Eric’s face turning from red to a sickly shade of green at being called kid, Kady’s boss was already taking one small hand into his.

Eric saw the man smile down at Kady, and in his mind it was like seeing a wolf leer at the gentle and clueless sheep it was about to eat.

“It was nice seeing you.” But even though his ex was speaking to him, her eyes were glued to the devil beside her like she had been hypnotized.

Kady’s legs were shaking so she found herself silently grateful for the way Slade had pulled her against him as he led her out of the diner. Waiting until they were standing right next to his truck and safely out of earshot, she looked up at him in genuine confusion, asking blankly, “What was that all about?”

Slade’s massive shoulders moved in a dismissive shrug. “I couldn’t handle listening to more of his crap. Every word he was uttering just pissed me off.”

She couldn’t exactly fault him for that, since it was how Eric’s smug assumptions had also made her feel.


“Slade,” she began uneasily. “Eric might—”

“Come here, little chick.” But he was also drawing her close as he spoke, and Kady couldn’t even think of refusing him. “I’m thinking we should give him a proper show,” Kady’s boss murmured under his breath, “since he’s going all out of his way to spy on us.”

A proper what? Spy on who?

The bewilderment in her eyes almost had Slade’s lips twitching. Ah, little chick. You’re in for a surprise. He saw her tense and hold her breath when he lifted a hand.

“Ready?” he whispered.

“Ready for what?” she whispered back.

He answered by showing her, his fingers threading slowly through the locks of her hair. And the moment she released her breath and the tension started to ease, he took that as his cue, his fingers fisting her hair, and when he heard her whimper, the billionaire indulged himself with the faintest smile.

I’ve only just begun, sweetheart.

His head lowered, his lips grazing the side of her neck.

Another whimper.

His fingers tightened its grip on her hair, and then he began to suck.

The whimper turned into a moan.

He took his time, his mouth patiently working, the billionaire wanting the mark to be next to indelible and the color of roses.

When Slade finally lifted his head and released his hold, Kady instantly sagged against him, and his chest rumbled against her cheek as he let out a low, deep chuckle. Every cell of her body felt wondrously, titillatingly alive, and even the possibility that he might be laughing at her couldn’t even make Kady regret what just happened.

Pulling back, Slade tipped her chin up, and satisfaction blazed through him even as his body grew taut at the look on her face. Her eyes, dark and cloudy with sexual desire that had yet to fully blossom, were unknowingly begging for him to eat her.

It was seductive as fuck, and just the thought of having another man see this…

His jaw clenched. Eric, he didn’t give a damn about, with Kady’s untutored responses telling him everything he had to know about her ex’s sheer lack of experience, not to mention expertise. But Eric wasn’t the only damn man in the world—

A tiny gasp escaped Kady when she suddenly found herself being led back to Slade’s truck. Doors slammed shut, and suddenly they were within its tight, private confines.

Confusion and excitement warred inside of her, and she gulped and wetted her lips. “Sla—”

He moved towards her all of a sudden, and a startled cry escaped her, with Kady falling back until she was plastered against the door and he had her caged once more, one arm on the dashboard while another arm was on the back of her seat.

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