“I need you to promise me something.” Slade’s voice was rough and almost feral, but rather than invoking fear, it had her whole body aching with need. “You will never show this face of yours to anyone else—”

Kady swallowed hard. “But I don’t…I d-don’t even know what face you’re talking—”

“I’ll teach you.”

And without warning, one large, strong palm pressed against the left side of her chest, and Kady’s heartbeat, which was already racing a thousand times faster, practically blasted away in rocket speed at his touch.

“If your heart’s beating mad…”

His hand gently drifted down, one inch at a time, until his entire palm had covered one globe of swollen and heavily aching flesh.

“And your breasts are hurting so fucking good…”

This time, Kady could no longer keep herself from moaning, her body arching and pleading for more. But his hand was moving again, descending further and further, and with every second that passed, she could feel her throat tightening, her senses reeling more wildly—

His fingers finally reached the cleft between her legs.

“And this has become so goddamn wet…”

She whimpered. Because it was exactly as he said. Her flesh so mortifyingly wet that the moisture had seeped past her undies and all the way to the thin fabric of her leggings.

Slade raised his head, and blazing blue eyes captured hers.

“If you feel all three,” he rasped, “then you can fucking bet you’re making the face I’m talking about.”

Chapter Ten

Why Do Fools Fall In Love

* * *

“This above all; to thine self be true.” ~ William Shakespeare

* * *

Slade couldn’t remember having ever lost sleep over a woman. If memory served him right, it had never happened in the past. Not a single fucking time.

Until now.

Swiveling his chair away from his desk, he turned towards the window, but the edges of his mood only turned sharper and increasingly jagged when he saw that the skies, which had been midnight-black when he entered his study, now spread out in a multitude of colors.

What the fuck was he going to do with Kady?

He should never have crossed the line, dammit. He should’ve contented himself with teasing and torturing her with words and playful touches. That would’ve been the smartest and safest thing to do, and as long as it didn’t involve the welfare of his parents or baby sister, Slade had never taken any uncalculated risk.

Until now.

It had been all impulse, a foolish, devil-may-care whim that had made the billionaire ignore his personal rule against mixing business with pleasure. Pissed beyond belief at seeing Kady relaxed and comfortable with other guys while still jumping away from him in fright, he had given his common sense the finger and taken a taste of her.

And that had been the beginning of the end.

There was just something about her he couldn’t get enough of, and if not for the timely interruption of Humbug’s call, he was grimly certain her breasts wouldn’t have been the only part of her body that his mouth would be acquainted with.

Cursing under his breath, Slade swung his seat back and tried for the nth time to get some work done. His teeth gnashed as he stared at the words and numbers listed on the screen, but they had suddenly become as incomprehensible as Baybayin and the moment he closed his eyes, all he could see was how they had been in the ride back to the cafe, a nervous Kady trembling next to him and avoiding his gaze as she said tremulously, ‘If you want things to go back to normal, it’s fine with me.’

The words had stunned the hell out of him, and instead of making him feel relieved, the billionaire had actually found himself making up excuses for things not to go back to normal.

If your ex finds out I was never your boyfriend to start with, do you think he’s the type to blab it all over your hometown?

What about your best friend? Do you think she’d be the type to fuss over you for this and end up turning you into an object of pity?

And your parents? If our little deception reaches them, do you think they’d make a big deal out of it?

By the time he had finished outlining Kady’s worst nightmare in vivid detail, her face had been ghostly pale, and she had been staring at him like he had just killed her (nonexistent) firstborn. And when her lips had started to tremble and her eyes had begun to fill with tears of distress, the sight had been enough to rouse his often-dormant conscience into an acute state of guilt. It had almost made him want to take the words back.


Until, that was, a ghastly alternative scenario popped in his mind: of things going back to normal, just as Kady had suggested, and with every day that passed, she would drift further and further away from him while drawing closer and closer to another man’s arms. Another man, who would then have the right to stake a claim on the body he had only the most fleeting taste of.

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