Her eyes closed as she felt him carefully pull his cock out of her mouth, and her back fell against the bed, her heart still beating, her breasts still aching, and her quivering mound still sticky and wet between her legs.

Sometime later, she felt him carry her back into his arms, and by the time she managed to open her eyes, he had already stepped inside a whirlpool tub and was lowering both of them into the warm, bubbling water.

He cupped her chin as their eyes met, asking softly, “No regrets?”

“None,” she whispered. “But…”

“What is it?”

“We didn’t really…” She bit her lip, but the pinkish tint of her cheeks told him enough, and he knew she was wondering why she was still a virgin.

“Because there’s no need to rush…” His voice lowered. “And I’m looking forward to taking my time savoring you.”

Chapter Thirteen

Pretty Woman

* * *

“Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.” ~ Oscar Wilde

* * *

A collective groan rose from the men already seated around the table when Slade strode in, with the other billionaire still acting like a swaggering live-action piece of advertisement.

“For fuck’s sake, man,” Leander Knight growled. “It’s been what, two weeks already?”

But Slade only smiled, and his good mood remained impervious even as the other members began cursing a blue streak.

Hartland’s resident mechanic had indeed been right about it being two weeks since Kady had started spending the nights in his bed. And those two weeks, Slade reflected, had been extremely good. He had always been the type of lover to derive much pleasure from delayed gratification, and so when he had told Kady he intended to savor her, he had meant it. But what he hadn’t counted at all was just how enjoyable that process would turn out to be.

She had already been fascinating to begin with and had only grown more so when she became his lover. The seemingly instinctive urge to run away from him was still there, but now she was also actively resisting it, and this inner battle tended to lead to the most entertaining situations.

He would ask her to sit on his lap in full view of other people, and she would do so with a robotic expression that made Kady seem like she had a mime’s mask on. And when Farica had asked her why she looked the way she did, Kady had answered – also in a robotic voice – it was because she was really happy inside but was too shy to show it.

Other times, he would ask her to feed him, just to torture her of course, and she would once again say yes. She would even insist on cooking for him, but when it was time for her to perform the actual feeding, her embarrassment would once again get the better of her, and she would end up quickly shoving the spoon into his mouth that he had almost choked on it.

And those were just the things that happened during the day, which – as fun as they were – didn’t even hold a damn candle to the nights she spent in his arms. Once they were inside the privacy of his bedroom, she would turn into this adorably contrary kitten.

She would fidget from a distance, and he would pretend to ignore her, waiting until she was close to tears before asking her if she wanted anything. The tears would be back in her eyes, there would be more fidgeting, and then she would so very sweetly whisper, Can I hug you?

The mere memory of it had him smiling, and it was this look on the billionaire’s face that everyone ended up seeing for the rest of the town hall meeting. Everyone did their best to un-see it, but the image was like a nightmare imprinted on their minds.

Unfortunately for them, the subject of their disgust remained completely oblivious to how the permanent grin on his face almost had all of them throwing up, and Slade was only puzzled but not at all bothered when, as soon as Hartland’s mayor concluded their meeting, most of the other members seemed to fight against each other in their need to leave first.

Glancing at Oliver, he asked, “Did I miss something?”

Today, I’m really going to tell him, Kady promised herself as she brewed another batch of coffee for the customers. It had been two weeks since the relationship dynamics between Slade and her had changed, and those two weeks had been as glorious as they were confusing.

The good parts, she definitely couldn’t get enough of. Slade as her wicked, mischief-loving boss had already been a force to reckon with, but the moment he became her lover, she had quickly found herself being swept off her feet with every little thing he said and did.

Beautiful. Pretty. Lovely. He liked using the words every time he talked to her. Good morning, my beautiful little chick. Where are you going, my lovely? And then there had been that one time he had been outside the cafe, chatting with Raj, the riding instructor, and seeing her walking back from an errand, he had suddenly started whistling to the tune of Roy Orbinson’s Oh, Pretty Woman. It had Raj doubling over with laughter and Kady covering her face in embarrassment.

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