His mind shut down, and he drove hard and deep inside of her, Kady gasping as his big, hard cock ripped her hymen apart in one swift, forceful thrust.

It was done, she thought dazedly. She belonged to him, and no matter what happened after this, no one would ever be able to take that away—

“Kady.” Slade’s low, guttural voice immediately drew her attention back to him, and blue eyes blazed down at her. “Does it still hurt?” he asked seriously. “I’ve never been anyone’s first.” He saw her eyes shine at his admission, and Slade bit back a groan as the sight made his cock throb harder and twitch impatiently inside of her.

Kady made a tiny, cautious attempt to move under him, and it automatically had her inner muscles contracting. Pleasure bloomed and swelled, making her gasp just as Slade’s jaw hardened over her.

“Slade.” Her voice was fragile and breathless, and the light in her eyes softer and more vivid at the same time.

“Slade.” Her hands moved on its own to clutch his shoulders.

“Slade.” This last one said it all—

Thank fuck.

And without another word, Slade began to move. Blue eyes locked with hers, lust and possessiveness blazing from his gaze as he pulled almost all the way out, and just as she started to mewl in protest, he drove back in, so hard and deep, so fast and fierce, that it had her screaming his name.

Over and over, his cock plunged into her, his hips pumping in a furiously relentless pace that had tears burning her eyes and her nails digging hard into his back. “Slade, oh God.” Her mind was a mess, her buckling body a puppet under his command, and she could only moan when he suddenly reached for her legs and placed them over his shoulders.


He thrust back inside of her, and this new position had his cock reaching all the way down to her womb, and she screamed. And kept screaming. Because that was just the start, and apparently there were still so many things he could do that would keep her screaming.

His teeth nipping her ear, his mouth latching on to her breast, sucking on her nipple, his cock hitting her clit at just the right angle.

Too many things happening almost all at once, and oh God, she just…couldn’t…take…any…more.


He saw her eyes roll back as her body arched, and more than anything else, it was this sight of Kady peaking just as she fell into a raging sea of orgasm that drove him over his own cliff. His own body curved, her name coming out in a hoarse groan, and then he was spiraling after her, the first load of cum shooting straight down the tight, moist tunnel of her pussy.

Shudders overtook her body at the feel of Slade’s cum filling her insides. It was so hot and thick, and her pussy, already straining and aching at the immense girth of his cock, felt even fuller now, with his load continuously shooting into her. One after another, streaming endlessly, and when she felt his cum start to flood out, she could only sob—

Oh God.

Just as something else inside of her threatened to burst past its own barriers—

Her hands rushed to cover her mouth, tears rushing down her cheeks as she fought against the tide of words that threatened to rush out of her throat.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

But to say them was to lose him, and she couldn’t ever risk that.

Chapter Sixteen

Stand By Me

* * *

“Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.” ~ Plutarch

* * *

“Ready, my pretty?” the god of all flirts asked.

She shook her head.

But since this was her boss and ‘torment Kady until she died’ was his motto, her silent negation was simply ignored, and the next thing she knew, he already had his arms around her, ostensibly to guide her hands as he taught her the rudiments of latte art. But in truth?


She could barely breathe, much less concentrate, with Slade’s big, hard cock repeatedly rubbing against her ass every time he steered her hand into a rotating motion. And making it worse was the way he insisted on whispering instructions, which he had to do right next to her ears, since that was the only way for her to hear him over Ben. E King’s Stand By Me.

Lord help her, but the whole thing just made her heart beat faster, her breasts ache harder, and—

She was horny, in other words, Kady admitted to herself, and the thought was as mortifying as it was wonderful. Three days had passed since her world had almost crashed down on her. But because God was so good, she was still in his life, and he was none the wiser about…things.

“Perfect,” Slade murmured when Kady managed to create a heart latte on the cup. “If you keep practicing, I’m betting you’ll be able to do this flawlessly in a week.”

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