The thought of being skillful enough to do latte art on her own excited her, and twisting around so she could look at him, she asked excitedly, “Do you real—mmph.” Slade took her mouth in a thoroughly passionate kiss in full view of the customers, and when he lifted his head, his blue eyes glittered down at her—

Oh. No.

It was that look again. But despite knowing what it meant—

“I want you,” Slade whispered. “Now.”

The thought of refusing didn’t even cross her mind. Not even when she caught sight of the way Leander Knight – aka Mr. McDonald’s on Horseback – smirked or the way Farica threw her hands up and muttered ‘there goes my afternoon break’ under her breath.

Not for anything would she refuse really, because he was the man she loved, and oh, she just couldn’t get enough of the way he made her feel.

The moment the door to Slade’s study closed, all pretenses of self-control and propriety went up in flames. She was up against the wall in an instant, his cock pistoning inside of her in a rapid series of thrusts that had her biting his shoulder to keep herself from crying out.

But he would have none of it, and with his cock still buried inside of her pussy, he carried her off and settled himself on one of the ladderback chairs by the fireplace. The new position had her straddling him, and when she saw his wicked smile, she realized it was all deliberate.

He knew…he knew this was her favorite position—

“Let’s make you bounce, shall we?”


His mouth latched to her nipple as his hands took hold of her hips and started bouncing up and down. She covered her mouth in an effort to stay silent, but when he kept bouncing her faster and harder – it was just impossible, utterly impossible not to surrender to the most wanton part of her.

Oh God.

Her head fell back as she clutched his shoulders and pushed her nipple deeper into his mouth. He suckled her, and it was so good – just so good – that she could no longer help herself.

Kady screamed.

Twenty minutes later, and they were back behind the bar, hair slightly mussed, clothes just a bit crumpled, and Kady unable to meet anyone’s gaze while Slade was once again smiling like a man that had gone to heaven and back.

Farica tapped her on the shoulder. “Lemonade?”

Kady was surprised but grateful and took the drink from the other girl’s hands. “Thank you—”

“No biggie. I was thinking you’d need it, with all the screaming—”

Kady, who had just turned away, ended up spewing the lemonade out…on Slade’s shirt.


Everyone burst into laughter as Kady’s horrified gaze flew to Slade.

The billionaire regarded her with puzzlement. “That’s strange. You normally swallow my c—”


“Coffee,” he finished innocently. “What did you think I was going to say?”

Kady fled into the kitchen, her face red as a tomato as laughter once more filled the cafe. Horrible, horrible, horrible man! But despite everything, a grin was already tugging at her lips. He was a horrible man, alright, but he could be so adorable about it, and she loved him so. If only—

Her phone rang, and Kady tensed at hearing the ringtone. That, she thought uneasily, could only mean one person.

Elizabeth and Arden exchanged looks as the other girl mumbled an excuse before going out of the back door to take the call. “Should I tell Slade about it?” she asked her fiancé. They had heard all about Kady’s breakdown from Farica, and if it was that awful ex of hers on the phone…

Outside the cafe, Kady was reeling from the most unexpected news. “You’re r-really here?” she stammered.

“You can at least try to sound more excited about it,” her mother said tartly.

“I’m just surprised—”

“Don’t you mean worried?” Catherine asked.

Kady jerked at the note of innuendo in her mother’s voice. She couldn’t possibly…she couldn’t…

“I know about your new boyfriend, yes.”

Kady’s heart slammed against her chest. “Eric told you, didn’t he?”

“As he should have.”

“Whatever he told you—”

“Is for me to judge,” Catherine finished coolly, “which is why I’d like to meet him over dinner tomorrow night.”

Over my dead body, Kady thought right away. She could just see it now, her mother with her favorite pearls around her neck, her cold gray eyes wordlessly disparaging Slade just because he had facial hair and wore jeans to work.

Over my dead body, she thought again.

“Tomorrow, Kady.” And when her daughter remained stubbornly silent, Catherine said warningly, “Do not push me—”

“I just don’t see the point, okay?” Kady’s tone was faint and uneven. It had always hurt to disobey either of her parents, but she just couldn’t do what Catherine was asking. “It’s obvious enough that you’ve already made up your mind about him, and you couldn’t be more wrong. He’s not what you think he is—”

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