Seeing that Kady still looked bothered, he reached for her, and Kady let out a startled gasp as the billionaire settled her on his lap. “Slade!”

The concern in her eyes had disappeared completely, and he was satisfied to see his beautiful little chick back to her usual bright-eyed and rosy-cheeked self. “That’s better.”

“It’s not,” she muttered. “Blushing all the time is a lot more tiring—”

There were snickers all around the cafe, and she let out a wail, realizing that everyone had heard her.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” Slade soothed. “Everyone knows how in love we are—”

She could only wail again as more snickers followed. It was times like this that she had a hard time believing Slade was actually this scary hotshot billionaire outside Wyoming. In her mind, billionaires were either old and stuffy or old and pervy, but Slade…

Then again, almost all of the other locals were apparently just as wealthy as Slade was, and none of them acted like it either. Farica, for instance, was this huge social media influencer, and yet the other girl was the least self-aware person Kady had ever known.

And speaking of Farica…

Elizabeth had asked the older girl about this morning’s playlist – five versions of Take My Breath Away now and counting – and Kady nearly fell off Slade’s lap when Farica blithely said Kady was the inspiration behind it.

Slade, having heard the same thing, raised a brow at his girlfriend. “Is it your favorite song?”

“No.” She was just as confused as he was.

“Top Gun fan then? Or Tom Cruise?”

Hearing Slade’s question, Farica interrupted the couple’s conversation, saying, “Nope. It’s not that.” And that was when Kady saw the mischief in Farica’s eyes.

Oh no.

“I came home a little late last night,” Farica was saying, “and on my way up, I just heard this woman who was trying to catch her breath…all…the…time.”


“I mean, seriously, Kady Kades. I think it’s cute how you make all these fun noises—”

The snickers had started again, and so had her blushes.

“But last night was seriously something else.”

“My doing, of course.” Slade’s tone was lazy, the billionaire having no problems claiming credit where credit was true…and especially when it meant getting Kady to squirm even more energetically over his lap. “My beautiful love and I were reminiscing about our Oscar-worthy love story—”

This time, the snickers turned into sounds of gagging.

“And we got to talking about her love for all things a—”

“Slade!” She managed to slap her hand over his mouth in time, horrified that he would bring such a thing up.

And oh my God, why couldn’t he just accept that he had simply misunderstood her? All those times he had thought she were saying stuff like “I butt you” and “It’s butt”…well, all of it was a complete misunderstanding.

But then…

Maybe it was her fault, too?

She should’ve put up more of a fight last night to correct his incredibly erroneous assumption, but by that time, she had just been so weak and crazy with desire, with Slade having given her two consecutive orgasms, and so when he had arranged her on her fours, and he had whispered for her to relax…and he had started lubricating her other hole…

Images flashed in her mind, and Kady gulped. Stop. Stop. Stop. But it was too late. And she just didn’t remember last night’s erotic journey into anal lovemaking. She could also feel her body reliving—

Kady squeaked in surprise when Slade suddenly carried her off and started heading down the study.


“I saw the look in your eyes,” he purred.

Her eyes widened.

“And since you’re in the mood for it…”


“I…” Wasn’t thinking of it?

No, she couldn’t say that, since it wouldn’t exactly be the truth.

“But…” The people! Can’t you ever think of the people?

She mentally shook her head. No, she couldn’t say that either. Because even though his penchant for PDA was a little embarrassing, it was also an inherent part of Slade, and she would never want to change him.

So what else was left to say?

Kady took a deep breath.


Slade pressed a kiss to her forehead, and the gesture startled her into silence.

“I know, sweetheart. I butt you, too.”

* * *

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