Oops. It was his John Wick voice, and since he only ever used it as a polite way of shutting her up, Blake reluctantly took a step back and said with a sigh, “You’re the boss.”

He was indeed, Thornton thought in self-mocking irony ten minutes later, having seen Blake tiptoe out of her room in a fluffy little robe that barely hid anything. He was her boss, which meant he had absolutely no fucking business sporting a hard-on the moment he caught a glimpse of the tantalizing V of her cleavage and the shapely curves of her naked legs.

He really should have her unit extended, give Blake her own en-suite. The sooner, the better, too, Thornton thought grimly. Seeing her half-naked every damn evening was just pure fucking torture for his cock, with only cold showers to look forward to and not a single hope for sexual—


Blake had suddenly looked his way, and their gazes collided as she caught him staring hungrily at her.


He abruptly turned away, but hearing Blake gasp told him it was already too late.


She had seen his erection, and life was going to be hell from here on, now that the damn girl knew her desire for him wasn’t one-sided.

Chapter Five

Aidan Blackwood walked inside Redwood Cafe, intending to grab breakfast before heading down to the police station. He saw its temporary manager Elizabeth inside the counter, and he was about to call out a greeting when he realized who the younger woman was talking to.


He wasn’t really a fan of McDonald’s, but at this point, even dreary mushy cereal would do than the possible danger that lay ahead. Stealth was the key, Aidan thought, and so he slowly and silently started his retreat, hoping to get out of harm’s way before—

Elizabeth caught sight of the police chief and grinned at the way the police chief was trying to escape unnoticed. “Good morning, Chief!”

Aidan froze.


And what he feared would happen did happen as he saw the petite brunette on one of the counter seats swing to face him. Shit, he thought again even as he summoned a smile in greeting for his brother’s employee.

Blake beamed back at her beloved’s twin. “Chief Blackwood, hello!”

“Morning, Blake, Elizabeth.”

The last one came with a glare that promised retribution, but this only had Elizabeth grinning. Men were just wussies when it came to heart-to-heart talks, and apparently even Hartland’s princely police chief was no exception.

Blake started chatting as soon as Elizabeth was done taking the chief’s orders, and Blake was still happily at it when she came back to serve Aidan’s coffee and pancakes. The only difference was this time, the police chief’s smile had turned stoic while Blake went on pestering him about the possibility of Thornton falling in love with her.

The girl had asked Elizabeth the same thing, too, actually, and while she always did enjoy talking to Blake, she did have work to do—


Large strong hands clasped Elizabeth’s waist the moment she entered the kitchen, and she could only giggle as Arden spun her around to face him.

“Don’t get me wrong,” he grumbled. “Blake’s nice and all, but she does tend to monopolize you.”

Elizabeth burst out laughing, but the sound was quickly muffled by Arden’s mouth covering hers.

“I have ten minutes to ravish you,” he murmured against his fiancée’s lips.


Arden didn’t give her a chance to argue. He had been waiting all morning, and now that the chief had Blake occupied…

Oh God. Elizabeth’s eyes involuntarily drifted shut as she felt Arden’s fingers squeezing her breasts just the way she liked it. And when his fingers moved to her nipples…oh God. All other thoughts disappeared as she looped her arms around Arden’s neck and gave in to his demands.

Ten minutes, didn’t he say they had?

Arden’s lips trailed down the side of her neck as she felt him reach under her skirt.

Oh God, it was going to be ten really fantastic minutes.

Aidan’s ears were still ringing with all of Blake’s gushing and nagging when he walked inside his office and found it already occupied by a scowling carbon copy of him.

Thornton heard a groan behind him and turned in his seat to see his older twin standing by the doorway, a grimace on his face.

“Let me guess,” Aidan said with a sigh. “You want to talk about Blake?”

Thornton’s gaze narrowed. “She talked to you first?”

“She nearly talked my head off is what you meant, right?”

“What exactly did she say?” Thornton asked as Aidan slid into his seat behind the desk.

“How about you tell me first what you came here for?” his twin bargained.

Thornton snorted. “I think you already know.”

“Just humor me—”

“She knows I want her,” Thornton said abruptly.

Aidan had a hard time keeping his face straight. “Ah, yes, she did tell me she had seen, er, hard evidence of that.”

Thornton’s answering wince was much more than Aidan could ever hope for, and he couldn’t help grinning. “You want her that bad, Thorn?”

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