Most women would have been thrilled to bits at being flown first class to meet him, but here he was, practically ordering a woman to stay in her seat to keep her from escaping.

Why did she have this kind of hold on him?

He brooded over it while waiting for her plane to land, but hours had already passed and he hadn’t a single plausible answer to give himself. All he knew was that he needed to keep her by his side, and when he finally saw her, Schuyler staring at him in dumbstruck silence because she hadn’t expected him to be waiting outside her first-class suite…

Ioniko wanted to yank her close in a crushing embrace. Eísai díkos mou. The words repeated over and over in his mind as he stared at her. You are mine. And when she stared back at him—

Ah, koukla mou.

She might want to date other men, but her eyes told him…

“You look like you want to kiss me.”

She sputtered and choked over this, of course, but her protests fell on deaf ears as Ioniko twined his fingers with hers and kept her close. He could sense her unease growing even as she gasped in surprise upon realizing they were boarding his private jet, and her tension lingered even as they traded words that were half-barbs, half-coquetry, and his jet took off for Athens.

He could practically taste her fears and pain, and he realized that none of it was ever going away until they addressed said issues together.

“Speak to me, koukla mou.”

And so she did. And he listened. And watched.

Did she know that while her words were asking one thing, her gaze was telling him something else?

Her words told him she wished to keep him at a distance while her gaze told him she wanted to be his. It made no fucking sense, and it was only her earnest insistence that nothing would happen in those “dates” that was keeping him in check.

“Do you agree then?” she asked afterwards.

“It depends on one last thing.”

“You’ve got a condition of your own?”

His gaze bored through hers. Did she seriously think he would let her call all the shots?

A moment later, Schuyler appeared to realize how close she was to being throttled, and she said quickly, “Go on.”

“What about our dates?” he demanded right away. “Do I get to kiss you? Touch you?”

The words had her squirming in a telltale manner, but she still persisted in resisting, saying stubbornly, “We’ll see.”

Brave words, Ioniko thought, but they were completely rendered useless by the way her eyes had become clouded with yearning the moment he started talking about kissing her.

It’s no use, Schuyler mou. You want me. And the knowledge was enough to restore his good mood, and even though he couldn’t quite keep himself from smirking, he did manage to keep his tone courteous as he asked Schuyler if she wanted a tour of the jet.

By the time he had to walk Schuyler to her room, however, he was unable to resist teasing her a little and bent down as if to kiss her. He felt her stiffen, heard her catch her breath, but she sounded more excited than afraid, and he almost smiled as he simply whispered good night into her ear.

He felt her dazed gaze follow him as he walked away. Good. He wanted her aching for him, and in time, she would come to understand that he was the only man capable of making her feel that way.

Ioniko headed back to his study to put in a few more hours of work. After, he walked back down to Schuyler’s room, intending to ask if she wanted to have coffee with him—

And that was when he heard it.

Or rather, that was when he heard…her.

Ioniko stiffened.

No fucking way—

But then he heard it again.

A moan.

The kind that only sensual pleasure could elicit.

Ioniko was in his bedroom in a flash, and he barely had time to unzip himself before he was jerking himself off. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. The sound of her moan played over and over in his mind as his balls started to tighten. Fuuuuuuck. His eyes squeezed shut, and a vision flashed in his mind, of Schuyler arching off the bed as she pleasured herself, and that was it for him.

A harsh groan escaped Ioniko as he started to cum.

He couldn’t remember the last time he had pleasured himself like that, but one thing he knew was that it had never been this good, and he found himself doing it again in the shower. Afterwards, he planted himself outside her door, and when she finally came out—

Schuyler’s smile of greeting disappeared the moment she saw his smirk, and Ioniko nearly laughed out loud when he heard her squeak.

“I wish you had let me join you, koukla mou,” he told her with sham heartfelt regret, and this time her squeal too closely resembled a screeching mouse that he could no longer help it. He threw his head back with a laugh, and her third squeal was even worse, with the way it reminded him of angry wild boars.

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