I can’t. I can’t. Oh God, I can’t. But for the life of her, Schuyler couldn’t quite figure out exactly what she couldn’t do or say. Can’t shout? Breathe? Think? All of those were certainly true, with the way the billionaire’s lips were expertly kissing the last of her sanity away. And oh God, the way he was squeezing, kneading, and fondling her breasts as he sucked on them one by one…

The masterful possessiveness of his touch just had her craving for more of his dominion. More, more, moooooore. She wished she could scream the words out, but instead she could only gasp and whimper as she saw his head move down to pause between her legs. And when his tongue thrust in—

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah. She began to pant and clung desperately on his shoulders as she felt something inside of her starting to change. Twisting and tightening. Burning hotter and hotter and hotter, and when she felt Ioniko lift his head, she almost cried out in aching protest.

No, don’t leave!

It had felt so good, so, so good that she knew she’d never have been able to imagine something like it without experiencing it first. Just so damn good that she wanted to plead him to just go and on.

Please, oh please.

And just like before, it was as if he had heard her, and he was now giving her exactly what her body was silently begging for—

His hands parted her thighs open as he positioned herself.


And then his cock was driving inside of her.

Tearing past her hymen.

Deeper and deeper until there could be no mistake about it.

A teary smile wobbled to her lips as she looked up at him. “I’m yours.”

Something flashed in his eyes.

And then he rasped out, “Yes.” He slowly pulled back even as his gaze continued to hold hers captive. “You’re mine.” And he drove back home inside of her. In and out, over and over, and with every plunge he was moving harder and faster until she had to lock her legs around his waist and hold on to him for dear life. God. Oh God. It almost felt like he was going to rip her into two any moment, and oh God, she just couldn’t wait for it to happen.

“Nik.” Ioniko heard his name come out in a choked whisper. “Nik.” But it soon turned into a helpless little chant. Nik. Nik. Nik. Her sexy little moans matched the rhythm of his strokes, and they soon proved his undoing. Just as her inner muscles locked around his cock, she moaned his name one last time—

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

His control shattered, and he shoved his cock into her one last time, shoved it all the way down until its head knocked against the wall of her womb, and she, too, started to shatter. She sobbed his name as she started to cum, and he growled hers out as he came with her, his cock shooting his seed into her until her pussy was overflowing with it.

And afterwards…

She proceeded to break his heart as the last waves of pleasure faded, and a sleepy little smile touched her lips when she saw him gazing down at her.


He managed to smile back even as his throat tightened with self-loathing. God. What had he done? What if it turned out that he had only wanted her because it was as Stavros thought, and she somewhat resembled Mairi? What then, when he had already taken her virginity and asked her to marry him?

“Schuyler, I—”

Her fingers pressed hastily against his lips. “Don’t say it.”

He stilled.

“I know this is going to sound like I’m shutting the stable door when the horse has already bolted, but…” Her teeth sank into her lower lip, and her tone turned uncertain as she asked, “Is it okay if you don’t say it for now?”

“I see.” But actually, he had no fucking idea what she was asking him for.

“When I think about how I’ve been acting all this time…” A blush stole over her cheeks. “I’ve been quite the ugly little primadonna, haven’t I? Always making you run after me just because…” Schuyler couldn’t help wincing as she thought of all the hurdles she had personally put up to block his way. “Well, anyway, it won’t be like that again. When I thought you were trying to end things between us earlier, I asked God to give me a second chance with you, and…” Her tone turned shy once more. “I will never question why you came to like me.”


“You’ve asked me to marry you,” she said shakily. “That kinda says it all.”

And that was when it started.

“But if it’s alright with you, could we keep it a secret between us first?”

His heart breaking into pieces—

“And until I’m ready, please don’t…please don’t say you love me just yet?”

With the way she was giving him everything he needed—

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