Another flick.

“That hurts!”

“Good,” he snapped. “Maybe next time, it will get you to think twice about being alone with Moore.”

“What happened was an accident—-”

“That wouldn’t have happened in the first place,” he said between clenched teeth, “if you didn’t let yourself be alone with him.”

“He’s my friend—-”

“A male friend,” Damian snarled, “who’s been slavering over you for years.”

Her eyes widened, and before she could stop herself, the words were already out of her mouth. “Are you jealous?” Damian’s blue eyes immediately blazed at her in anger, and she winced. Right. Totally wishful thinking that she could make him admit—-

“You know I am.”

Sarah’s stunned gaze flew back up to his…and the first thing she saw was his head dipping…just before his mouth crashed over hers.

Oh God.

Her eyes squeezed shut even as her heart slammed against her chest, and her entire body burst into flames.

God. Oh God.

“You’re mine, dammit,” Damian growled against her lips, “so will you take better care not to let any other man touch my property?”

She tried to answer. She wanted to answer, would’ve loved to assure him that she was all his and always would be. But she couldn’t, with Damian kissing her so hard she started seeing stars. When he finally lifted his head, Sarah could only gasp for breath as she stared up at him, body still trembling but this time it was purely out of excitement and desire.

“Where did he feel you?” Damian demanded.

“B-Breasts—-” The word was barely out when he had her back pressed against a tree trunk, and his large, strong hands were palming her heaving tits. She started to moan, but the sound was lost in his kiss. His tongue thrust in just as his hands started mashing her tits, and she could only buckle against him.

God, it had been so long.

He started pinching her nipples, and she moaned and buckled harder against him while her hands swept wildly over his back. Up. Down. Up. Down. She was just so insanely restless, and when his dark head bent down to take one covered nipple into his mouth—-

Sarah bit her lip hard. Oh God. She mustn’t make a sound. Couldn’t make a sound. Shouldn’t make a sound. But it was as if the more she was controlling herself, the more Damian wanted to have her wild in his arms, and while he switched his attention to her other breast, she felt his fingers sliding inside her jeans—-

She looked up, stunned, and blue eyes that glittered with lust immediately took hold of her gaze. And then slowly…so, so damn slowly, Sarah felt his fingers stroke her already folds, just before his middle finger thrust inside of her.

Her lips parted in a silent scream, and the agonizing pleasure intensified as he continued holding her gaze, letting her know that he could see her every reaction as he started fucking her with his finger. Just one finger, but it already had her hips moving jerkily to meet its steady, deep thrusts.

God. Oh God.

He was still staring at her, not letting her look away, not letting her hide anything, and instead of feeling embarrassed or ashamed, it just made her want to show him even more. She wanted there to be no doubts about how all of her was his—-

God oh God.

And just as his finger drove so deep she could’ve sworn he had reached her hymen, his thumb pressed hard against her clit—-


Damian’s mouth slammed over hers as she came with a gasp, and it was the most exquisite torment to feel Sarah’s nubile body shudder repeatedly as she rode out the waves of her pleasure. He kept his finger moving inside of her throughout her orgasm, while his thumb continued grinding her clit. Only when he felt her slump weakly against him did he finally pull his hand out of her jeans, and when their gazes collided—-

“I love you.”


Sarah tried not to let fear get the better of her when she saw the way Damian’s gorgeous face turned expressionless. She had obviously miscalculated, and if she didn’t do something now, she had this really bad feeling things would drastically turn for the worse between them.

“Forget what I said,” she blurted out. “Let’s talk…let’s talk about my text.”


“Don’t I owe you—-”

“Sarah, stop.”

She froze.

“I’m sorry,” Damian said tonelessly, “but you’re leaving me with no choice—-”

She tried to cover her ears, but Damian forced her arms back down.

“I’m never going to love you back.” Damian saw her face pale, but he hardened himself against it. “I’m sorry—-”

“I just don’t understand,” she said jerkily, “what else do I have to do…why can’t you love me—-”

“Why can’t you just stop?” he asked harshly.

“Do you really want me to?” she cried out.


So much silence that it almost had her hoping, almost had her believing that maybe, maybe this was all a big, ugly joke, or that maybe he’d change his mind, but instead…she heard him ask quietly, “Why else would I ask?”

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