His room was a suite, and since Josiah had booked the same type of room for my mom and me, I had a fair idea of how much it cost. Did that mean he was well off then? It would be nice if it were so, but honestly, it didn’t matter. As much as I loved to tease Naomi by pretending to be an airhead, she had raised me too well to be one, and I totally didn’t need a guy to make a living for me or—-oh my God!

My mental ramblings came to an abrupt halt when I felt Damian laying me down on his massive bed, and I found myself staring up at his gorgeous face. The bedside lamp’s incandescent lighting cast shadows along his jaw, emphasizing its contours. Our gazes locked when I raised my fingers to trace one edge, and after a moment he reached for my hand, and I caught my breath when he nibbled on the tip of my fingers.

After releasing my hand, he asked softly, “Nervous?”

“Just a little,” I admitted.

“Shall I let you go then?”

I shook my head right away, not even having to think of this, and I saw his jaw clench at the speed of my response.

“So be it.”

My entire body started tingling as I watched Damian lower his head, and my breasts swelled and ached under the tight bodice of my dress the moment I felt the heat of his breath caress my skin.


And the weight of his powerful body was finally pressing down against me.

Oh God.

For one long moment, it was just his lips and tongue, and he was such a masterful kisser that it was more than enough. He kissed me long and hard, kissed me to the point that my thoughts disintegrated, kissed until I moaned against his lips and gasped for breath as soon as he lifted his head.


He growled at hearing his name on my lips.


And then his hands were moving swiftly to undress me: first, my jacket, then my dress, and in seconds, I was down in my undies. For a fleeting second, I felt self-conscious and panicky – what if he didn’t like how I looked? What if he thought my body too curvy? I started to cover myself, anxiety making me tremble, but the moment I raised my hands, Damian’s voice whipped over me in a command.


My gaze raised to his, and I found myself sucking my breath at the hard glitter of desire in his icy blue eyes.

“Let me look at you.”

My arms fell back to my sides as his desire-laced gaze roamed over me, and I felt every inch that his eyes touched tingling…melting…aching…until I was trembling for another reason. Damian wanted me, and unlike earlier, he wasn’t even making the slightest attempt to hide it. I could feel it in the way his body had turned rigid and tense above me, could hear it as his breathing grew harsh, and he started to pant. He wanted me, and oh God, the knowledge drove me crazy, and before I knew it, I was writhing and unconsciously begging him with my eyes.


And without warning, his head dipped just as his hands yanked the cups of my bra down. I gasped in shock, my body arching involuntarily, and the sudden movement caused one nipple to pucker straight against his lips.


My face flamed. Yes, I was bold…but not that bold, and I found myself stammering out an apology. “S-Sorry, I d-didn’t mean…” My voice faltered when I saw the mocking light in his gaze, and it was almost as if I could hear his voice drawling out in my mind.

Didn’t you?

And I found my whole body blushing at the point. Argh! I finally remembered to try pulling away, but the moment he sensed me moving, Damian immediately reached for the breast closest to his mouth, and a gasp broke out of me just as his gaze captured mine.

Blue eyes still holding mine captive, Damian slowly closed his lips over my nipple.


It was heaven and hell, and all thoughts of resistance and inhibitions fled the moment his tongue laved around my nipple. I wanted it to end because it felt too good, but I also never wanted it to stop for the same reason. A fleeting thought crossed my mind as I trembled in his hold: Was this how any man’s mouth on my breast would feel, or was it just him?

But then Damian started sucking on my nipple, and the thought disappeared in a flash. Didn’t matter, I thought dazedly. Nothing mattered as long as he kept on sucking my nipple, and as he moved to the other breast to attend to it the same way, I found myself blindly reaching up to clasp his head to my straining chest.

Don’t stop. Please. Please don’t stop.

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