“What?” Her voice came out a shriek.

He reactivated the sound system.

“And t-they’re all Ariana Grande songs,” she sputtered.

“Then that makes it more interesting.”

Lowering her to her feet so he could swiftly dispense with his clothes, he reached for her again when he was completely undressed, whispering, “Are you ready?”

“No.” But she was trembling, and her gaze was already clouded with desire.

Pulling her even closer, he surprised her by sliding one finger inside of her. She moaned. He pulled his finger out, and she whimpered when he showed her how wet it was.

“Liar.” His voice was teasingly seductive. “If you’re this wet, you’re definitely ready for me.” Without warning, he reached for her and lifted her up, her back against his chest.

And then he slowly impaled her with his cock.

“Aaah!” It was a punishingly exquisite position, and she found herself holding on to him, her arms encircling him from behind while her legs were splayed wide over his arms.

He started to walk while fucking her, making Seri gasp. And then they were facing his mirror, and she gasped again.

“Doesn’t this make you a Dangerous Woman, leech?”


He fucked her harder and harder after that, but just before she came, the song ended, and the next one played.


He switched positions, and she gasped, “No. That’s not possible—-aaaah.”

Outside the trailer, everyone tried not to be aroused at the way Seri suddenly started moaning just as they also started thinking furiously about what Problem could refer to.

With the windows open, all of them had heard Vassi’s rules perfectly clear.

“It won’t fiiiiiiit—-” they heard Seri gasp from inside the trailer.

Outside, the crew nodded at each other in understanding.

Vassi Grachyov had an immensely large cock then.

The third song started to play.

Bang Bang.

And almost right after, they heard loud bangs against the door and the trailer began to shake.

“This one’s easy,” one of the female production assistants muttered. “Doggie style.”

“You’re right,” the woman next to her said, “and oh God, what I’d do for a vibrator now.”

The fourth song played.

One Last Time.

And then it was completely quiet.

“Maybe…69?” a young cameraman hazarded.

At the suggestion, Seri and Vassi’s viewers nodded. That would probably be it.

Then the fifth song played.

Love Me Harder.

The crew looked at each other in interest. How would the Russian god interpret this? Perhaps he would fuck his woman so hard she would see stars? Or maybe he would end up breaking furniture like that guy from Twilight?

And then they heard Seri scream, “Oh God. That’s. So. Hard. I’m. Practically. Seeing. Stars!”

A moment later, they heard something crash and break.

They looked at each other in awe.

Vassi had actually managed both!

Another moment later, and they heard Seri plead, “Not my butt!”

A collective sound escaped the crowd.


Thirty minutes later, Vassi had to carry Seri out of his trailer. When she had tried to walk, she had almost fallen immediately on her face, with her legs having turned to jelly after Vassi’s little “game.”

“I’m never going to play any games with you again,” she muttered as Vassi stepped down.

Vassi didn’t answer, but he was grinning at something behind her.

Frowning, she turned her head around and almost screamed.

Oh my God, what was the whole crew doing here?

A second later, she noticed the way they were all red-faced but smirking.

Oh my God, had they heard?

“D’err mo,” she heard Vassi suddenly mutter behind her.

Following his gaze, she realized what he was looking at and muttered, “B’lyad.”

Her family was here, too.

Davey rushed to her, mumbling, “I’m so sorry. I tried, I really tried to distract them and prevent them from coming here, but you know how weak I get when Misha threatens me with bodily harm. But I swear, I really tried resisting still – but then Sergei threatened me, too, saying when he’s finished with me—-”

Davey shuddered.

And knowing Davey, Seri thought, it was probably out of pleasure.

Fyodor walked forward, saying in a steely voice, “Come here, baby.” To Vassi, he said curtly, “Put her down.”

Vassi looked at Seri and only lowered her to her feet at her nod. She took one step, and her legs still gave way, making Fyodor curse as he caught her.

He pulled his daughter to him before looking at Vassi frostily. “You—-” As if his English was no longer enough, the rest of his words was delivered in a furious stream of Russian.

When he was done, he looked down at Seri. “We’re going home now.”

“Yes, Papa,” she said meekly.

As soon as she turned away, she heard the sound of scuffling. Unable to help it, she stole a look behind her, and her eyes widened as Misha punched Vassi in the gut.

“Vassi!” She tried to go to him, but Vassi held his hand up, forcing her to stop.

“Stand back, leech.” And the foolish man was actually grinning when he spoke. “This means they accept me.”

“What? Are you crazy?”

He started to answer, but Sergei had stepped forward and punched him in the jaw.

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