When he was properly seated, he reached for her suddenly, murmuring under his breath, “You’re going to pay for that.”

She gulped, knowing she should be afraid but instead she was…aroused beyond belief.

Vassi punishing her—-

Vassi fucking her hard—-

Breeeeeeeeeeaaaaathe, Seri.

Do not let anyone know how horny your stepbrother made you feel.

And so she kicked him on the shin again, and as Vassi cursed, she ran out of the dining room, yelling over her shoulder, “Welcome back, Vassi.”

Chapter Twelve

I’m not going to wonder if he ‘s doing his…thing…with his dick.

But it was another futile promise Seri ended up breaking, with every minute that passed and Vassi still hadn’t made it back.

Anxiety was always her best friend whenever Vassi was back home, and even though she knew it was pointless to agonize over where Vassi was or what he was doing, she just couldn’t help it. She didn’t mind as much when he was doing his thing abroad. But when he was here in California with the family?

It didn’t feel…right.

By the time the sound of Vassi’s car coming up the driveway had reached her ears, it was midnight and Seri had fallen asleep, curled up in sofa. She sat up straight, disoriented. Then she heard Vassi’s voice—-

She scrambled to her feet, not wanting Vassi to think she had stayed up late waiting for him.

But before she could reach the stairs, the front doors had opened and she found herself face to face with Vassi.

He had changed into a leather jacket and jeans with ripped holes in the knees, every inch the bad boy from head to toe. “Solnishka moya.” His voice was unnaturally husky, and his crooked grin only made him look more devilishly good-looking.

Her heart melted, and Seri thought, I’m going to do it now. I’m really going to do it. I’m going to apologize about what happened this morning and then it will be back to normal.

Vassi started to approach her, and she started to speak.

But then she saw his jeans weren’t completely buttoned up, and she forgot all about her good intentions.

He bent to kiss her cheek, but she moved away, muttering, “You smell disgusting.” And Seri meant it. Vassi smelled like woman’s perfume – another woman’s perfume, which to her was the most disgusting smell in the world.

“Sorry.” But Vassi’s tone was more amused than offended. He bent down, and before Seri realized what he was about to do, his lips had already brushed against her cheek, and he murmured, “You smell great, though.”

B’lyad. Vassi’s words electrified her body, and Seri suddenly remembered the scene she had voice acted for last night. The hero / Vassi seducing the heroine / Seri—-

“Seri?” His silver eyes were magnetic, and she could feel herself drowning—-

No! Don’t daydream while he’s right in front of you!

Seri managed to back away, nearly tripping in her haste to get away from him. “D-don’t do that again!”

Vassi’s gaze narrowed as she rubbed her cheek like she was disinfecting herself. “You—-”

She lifted her chin. “It was gross. Who knows how many girls you’ve kissed with those lips? I could g-get an STD because of you, you know?” She didn’t wait for him to answer, turning around to head up the stairs.

Fingers encircled her wrist just as she reached the first turn, and she immediately tried to struggle. She needed to get away from him. She wasn’t ready for this. She would never be ready until she started seeing him as just her brother.



He tugged her hard, and she fell against him. “Vassi!”

He caught her, his strength preventing him from toppling back even with her full weight on him. The feel of his hard chest against her had her frozen in his arms. Even with her standing one step above him, Vassi was still taller, placing her at eye level with his mouth. She glared at his beautiful lips, but it was herself she was mad at, with the way her body was shaking too hard just because he was holding her.

“Seri.” His voice was unexpectedly guttural, and her heart squeezed.

“Look at me,” he urged, and Seri squeezed her eyes shut.

His voice seduced her, his breath fanning her ear thrilled her, and his hard body, pulsing against hers—-

She pressed her thighs together, but it did nothing to step the wetness from flooding out of her.

Eto piz ‘dets.

This was so fucked up.

She had over two years to either see him as a brother or hate him.

Two years, and yet everything was still so fucked up between them.

Seri looked up. “Can you just let go of me? You’re being too clingy—-”

He released her abruptly, and the flicker in his gaze made Seri suck her breath.

She had hurt him.

It was what she meant to do, but it didn’t make her feel any better.

“Vassi, I—-” But her voice trailed off because what was there to say?

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