Vassi’s dick.

She recovered enough of her senses to try pulling her hand out of his pants, but his lips only curved even as he pressed his own hand down on her, telling her without words that he was not letting go.

She almost gaped at him. Was he serious? They were in class, for God’s sake, and they weren’t alone!

As if to answer her, Vassi’s gaze held Seri’s eyes captive while he slowly started to move her hand up and down his dick. His eyes gleamed with cruel pleasure, and the answer to her question was in that look.

Yes, he was serious.

Yes, he knew they weren’t alone…

And wasn’t that goddamn exciting?

His dick throbbed in her hold, the sensation both frightening and exciting, and Seri wanted to bang her head against the table. God, but she really sucked at this. She was supposed to be the one seducing him, blackmailing him, and yet it was the opposite happening. It was still Vassi calling the shots…like now.

His hand tightened around hers, and it was the only warning Seri got before he forced her hand to move faster. His dick was so much more than she imagined. Longer, harder, thicker…the thought had her swallowing again, and when she started to think about what she was doing—-

Her stepbrother’s dick in her hand—-

She wanted to moan and whimper, wanted to run away and throw herself at him, wanted to open and close her legs at the same time. The wetness soaking her panties made her ache with a strange kind of need to be filled, and when his dick twitched in her hold again, her fingers involuntarily tightened around his arousal.

Vassi hissed, and it was the most beautiful sound—-

The lights in the room were suddenly switched open.

Seri froze.

“Does anyone have questions?” the professor in front asked.

That, on the other hand, was the most awful sound Seri had ever heard.

It was the sound of knowing they could be discovered any moment, of people realizing that she was giving her stepbrother a hand job in public—-

Panicking, Seri let go of Vassi’s dick and tried tugging her hand away.

Tried being the operative word since Vassi’s fingers only tightened over hers, forcing her hand to close around his dick again.

He turned to face the professor, his arm still resting on the back of her chair, his posture entirely relaxed even as under the table he made her stroke him faster.

Nothing in his demeanor gave him away even as his dick kept growing between her fingers. It was throbbing almost violently, and a moment later Seri heard him say between clenched teeth, “Faster.”


She couldn’t stop herself then, her fingers stroking Vassi’s dick as fast as she could while squeezing him hard, drawing every little lesson of seduction she could from all the hentai videos she had watched.

In the corner of her eye, she saw Vassi stiffen in his seat—-


Oh my God, he was cumming.

Her stepbrother was coming.

In her hand.

This time, it was Seri who was unable to stop her hand from moving. Even as she covered her mouth with her free hand to keep her moan from escaping, she still didn’t – couldn’t – let go of his dick.

She couldn’t.

She wanted, needed, to prolong his pleasure.

The sound of his pleasure played over and over in her mind, and Seri momentarily squeezed my eyes shut.


She couldn’t get the sound out of her mind, couldn’t believe that she had made her stepbrother come with her hand.

And Holy Mother of Russia, but instead of feeling dirty, she just wanted…more.

The bell rang, and she jerked in her seat, her fingers involuntarily tightening around Vassi’s dick as everyone started to stand up. This time, Vassi gently but firmly pulled her hand away from his crotch.

“Let’s go.” Before she knew what was happening, Vassi already had them out of the classroom.

Struggling to keep up with his pace, she hissed under her breath, “I can’t believe you made me do that.”

“You shouldn’t be complaining.” Even with his head lowered to avoid being recognized, it was all too easy to hear the smirk in his voice, and idiot that she was, she still found it both irritating and sexy.

D’err mo.

As he maneuvered her towards the empty hallway leading to the university’s back exit, he asked, “Wasn’t that the point of this entire arrangement?” Drawing her closer, he murmured, “This is how I am as a boyfriend, solnishka moya.” He bit the outer lobe of her ear as he spoke.


She tripped over her own two feet, and Vassi laughingly stopped walking as his arm tightened around her waist to keep her from falling.

She looked up, a ready retort on her lips, but Vassi had shaken his head at her before she could speak.

“Give it up, leech.” His tone was light, but his gaze held a warning in it. “This blackmailing thing isn’t you, and in the end…only one of us will get hurt.”

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