Seri started trying to pull away from him, but Vassi only tightened his arms around her. “I won’t let you go until you tell me why you’re mad.”

If anything, his words made her struggle even harder. “You don’t even know?” The words were thrown at him in a growl that he found rather cute than annoying, and pulling back a little, he cupped her chin and forced her to look up at him.

The sulky, pouting look on Seri’s beautiful face had his lips curving. In this sense, he was like most men, and seeing her mad at him was more a turn on than anything.

“You’re a jerk,” she spat.

“Yes, yes, you’re not telling me anything I don’t know.” He traced her lips, and his smile widened as she angrily shook his finger off with a toss of her head. Damn it, but it just made him want to play with her some more, bully her until she was crying, and then kiss and touch her until her cries were of a different nature.

“Forgive your boyfriend, mm?” This time, the words rolled off his tongue easily, with Vassi hell bent on playing with fire and seducing his prey until she was a quivering mess.

Her cheeks flushed, but her eyes still shot sparks at him as she said, “No.” Her lip trembled, and then she muttered, “Or at least not until you tell me where you spent the night.”

Ah. He smiled down at her. “So this is what it’s all about? You were jealous?”

“J-just answer the q-question!”

Lowering his head, Vassi licked the outer curve of her ear, crooning, “There’s nothing to feel bad about, solnishka moya. I was working the entire night, and we only finished around five in the morning.”

The feel of his voice caressing her ear, combined with the sensual strokes of his tongue, had Seri shivering, but she still fought hard not to give in. “You s-should have texted me. Or called. So I won’t—-”

“Get jealous?”

Embarrassment flooded her, and she lied, “So I won’t worry.”

He nodded understandingly. “I promise I’ll call and text you next time, so you won’t worry…and get jealous.”

“I just said—-mmph!” There was nothing to say, with Vassi’s tongue inside her mouth. The kiss was deep and hard, and it was over before she could even decide whether to accept it or not. By the time the sensual haze lifted from her mind, Vassi had already pulled away and was walking towards the door.

“Keep up,” he said over his shoulder, “if you don’t want me to leave without you.”


She hurriedly grabbed her bag from the desk and practically ran after him, knowing that Vassi wasn’t the type to bluff. By the time she made it to the dining room, he was already seated and in the act of pouring juice into her glass. He looked up at the sound of her huffing and gave her a dazzling smile. “I knew you’d make it.”

She collapsed on the seat next to him, still trying to catch her breath. “Asshole.”

Vassi only laughed. Pressing a kiss on her forehead, he murmured, “I just want to have breakfast with you, solnishka moya.” Pulling away, he asked softly, “Is that so wrong?”

D’err mo.

Her toes curled hard inside her shoes, and just like that her anger was gone, Vassi always knowing the right words to say.

As she and Vassi ate, he told her about the last project he had worked on, a multimedia campaign for a newly opened hotel that had him paired with Evie Saunders.

Seri’s eyes widened. “Evie Saunders, really? Doesn’t she do work as a seiyuu as well?”

He nodded. “She does. She’s not as good as you, but she’s got potential.”

Her mouth opened and closed.

Vassi raised a brow. “What?”

“When you’re saying nice things about me, I’m not used to it.” Even when they were young, Vassi had been the least complimentary of the boys, which was why she had no idea how to handle Vassi when he was actually saying something good.

His gaze narrowed, and his tone was extremely pleasant when he asked, “Would you like me to say I’m crazy about her voice instead?”

She gasped. “No!”

He flicked her forehead. “Then just take my word for it when I compliment you.” And under his breath, he muttered, “Stupid leech.”

When they were inside the limousine and on the way to school, she confided in him uncertainly, “You know, I’ve always wondered why you chose to go into acting and modeling.”

“Why so?”

“Well…you used to hate doing what people say, don’t you? But when you’re acting, that’s exactly what you have to do, right? I mean, a director’s going to tell you what to say and do, and it has to be according to that person’s vision…”

“People change, I suppose.” A mysterious smile played on Vassi’s lips, and her brows furrowed. It was almost like he was laughing at her…and himself.

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