“Let’s just say that the reason why I started is inconsequential,” Vassi murmured. “Right now, I can’t see myself doing anything else.”

Oh. Her shoulders slumped. She was happy that he had seemed to find his passion, but a part of her was also the tiniest bit disappointed because it would always mean she would have to share Vassi with the world.

“Seri?” Vassi had suddenly bent his head, making Seri jerk in shock as she found him peering closely into her eyes. “Are you not happy for me about my job?”

B’lyad. He always did read her better than the other boys, too. “I am,” she said honestly. “It’s just the part where…” She shrugged defensively. “I mean, everyone still thinks you’re single, right?”

“Ah.” He took a lock of her hair, and her heart smashed against her chest as he brought it to his lips.


He was so sexy!

“Don’t be jealous, solnishka moya. You know I only have eyes for my secret girlfriend.”

He said the words so easily that Seri knew he was only playing with her.

“I hate you,” she mumbled. But of course, what she really wanted to say was the opposite.

His eyes gleamed. “Do you?”

“Yes. So much.” And she did. She loved him so, so much—-

Then she noticed Vassi sinking to his knees.


Granted, the windows were tinted, and the glass partition between the driver and the limousine’s passenger section was also up, but what was he thinking of doing?

“Vassi?” She was so nervous her voice came out a squeak.

He settled between her legs.


He pushed her legs open. “I just want to do something for you,” he said silkily, “so you wouldn’t hate me.” And then he started pulling her underwear down.

Bo zheh moy!

She started to struggle, but it was too late, Vassi was between her legs, his head under the skirt of her dress.

His tongue lined her folds, and her head fell back as a silent, agonized moan escaped her.

Oh God, there was no way she could think now.

Her hands, which had once been trying to push him away, were now gripping his shoulders tightly, and when she felt him start to lick her folds up and down, she couldn’t stop herself from shuddering.


She dug her nails into his back, embarrassment and desire warring inside of her as she found herself actually lifting her hips up to meet his tongue. “Vassi…” She choked his name out even though she wasn’t certain at all what she wanted to say. His mouth was driving her crazy, and when he began thrusting his tongue in and out of her, she couldn’t help moaning his name out loud.


Her legs fell back, and this time she no longer cared about how she looked or what he would think. All she could focus on was the pleasure Vassi was giving her, and all she could do was meet the thrusts of his tongue, her movements clumsy and awkward as she lifted her hips up and down.

With every second that passed, she felt like she was drowning deeper and deeper in a world where only passion existed. It felt so surreal, knowing that this pleasure racking her body was all because—-

He was eating her.

Vassi was eating her.

Oh God, her stepbrother was eating her. He was fucking her with his tongue, and as soon as the thought crystallized in her mind, the ecstasy that had her thighs trembling and her pussy quivering under his mouth imploded—-

The moment Seri’s body stiffened and jerked, Vassi knew she had started to come, and he pulled up to suck hard on her clit. Her nails clawed deep in reaction, her body buckling so hard Vassi knew she was practically seeing stars as her orgasm flooded out of her.

He drank and lapped up every creamy drop of her cum, the taste made more intoxicating by the knowledge that what had been long forbidden was finally his.

By the time Seri’s senses came back to her, it was to notice that the car was slowing down and Vassi had returned to sitting next to her. Seeing him wipe his fingers clean with his hanky made her think about her own appearance, and she hastily straightened her dress.

“Have you forgotten something?”

Vassi’s wicked tone had her asking warily, “What?” She looked up, and that was when she saw what he was twirling in one hand.

D’err mo!

It was her underwear.

“Give me that,” she cried out.

Vassi shook his head, a wicked smile curling on his lips. “No.” Crouching down, he patted her knee, and knowing that she had no choice, she slowly parted her legs and allowed him to help put her underwear on.

By the time their driver opened the door for them, her face was on fire. Vassi got out first and when he offered his hand to help her out, she couldn’t stop herself from slapping it away.

Vassi only laughed, but his voice was entirely innocent as he asked, “What’s wrong, leech?” He turned around to dismiss the driver and as the car sped away, he turned back to Seri and reached for her with an air of brotherly fastidiousness.

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