Before she could answer, one of the service crew came to them, placing popcorn and soda on her side table and then another pair on Vassi’s.

“Anything else, miss? Sir?”

Clearing her throat, she croaked out, “N-no, none, thank you.”

Vassi leaned back against his seat as the service crew left, and Seri leaned back against her seat as well, torn between relief and frustration. He was bluffing, wasn’t he? She should be happy about that, shouldn’t she?

The opening credits flashed on the silver screen, and everyone started to clap, with even a good number of fanboys yelling their appreciation. It was pandemonium, the nice kind, but for Seri, she could hear nothing of it.

How could she when at that same moment, Vassi had calmly swooped her off her chair and transferred her to his, placing her between his legs?

Panicking, she tried to get up, but he forced her back down, causing her to lean against his chest even as he reached for the blanket under the side table and placed it over her body.

“Vassi,” she whispered nervously under her breath. “Are you seriously—-”

“Asking for your boyfriend’s forgiveness?” he finished for her.

She froze.

Behind her, she felt his head move towards her ear, causing her to shudder as he murmured, “Are you serious about it, solnishka moya? Do you want your boyfriend to forgive you?”

Boyfriend, she thought dazedly. He had called himself her boyfriend twice in one minute, and she knew it was silly, but it just made her so happy she knew she would do anything for him.

She heard herself say, “Yes.”

“Then spread your legs for your boyfriend.”

Aaah. The third time now…

And somehow, Seri found herself spreading her legs open under the blanket. Heart beating fast, she waited for him to touch her, but instead he took hold of her hand and slowly brought it over her pussy.

She stiffened. “V-Vassi?”

He whispered into her ear, “I want you to touch yourself.”

Her eyes flew open.

“You’ll do it for me, won’t you? You’ll do it for your boyfriend?”

She swallowed. “But it’s too…”

He bit her ear. “It’s the only thing I want, the only thing that can make me forget you’ve chosen to date another guy.”


“So what’s it going to be, solnishka moya?”

When she started to move her hand, he released his hold on it, and her trembling fingers gradually found its way under the skirt of her dress. She swallowed convulsively as she felt the wet silk of her panties, and her body jerked when she moved her fingers over it with a few, light strokes.

Oh God.

She couldn’t believe she was really doing this, touching herself while everyone watched her movie – and with the other boys in her family just several feet away.

It should make her frozen with fear and embarrassment, but instead her body was even more aroused, her pussy quivering hard as it awaited her next move.

“Rub your clit,” Vassi ordered softly.

The command almost had her moaning, and the sound of her thundering heartbeat filled her ears as Seri slowly did as asked, her finger rubbing her clit. Her arousal spiked at the motion, and her thighs trembled hard.

“Faster, solnishka moya.”

And so her fingers moved faster, her nub of pleasure stiffening under the movement, and she could feel her body tightening and her pussy quivering even more.

“Make yourself cum.”


Her eyes squeezed shut as she moved her fingers furiously over her clit, doing what she could to draw the pleasure out. Her breasts started to ache as she got closer and closer to the zenith, her lips parted, a cry rising out of her—-

Vassi’s mouth slammed down on hers, his tongue driving in, his kiss absorbing her cry as she came hard. He kissed her deeply, his tongue mimicking the movement of her fingers as she continued to rub herself, with Seri mindless save for one thought, and that was to prolong her orgasm any way she could.

Vassi wiped her clean with his handkerchief when it was over, and after gently placing her back on the recliner seat next to him, he took hold of her hand under the blanket.

And kept holding it until the end of the movie.

When the movie ended, she and Vassi met up with the rest of the boys, Seri quite unable to meet their gazes, fearing they would guess what she had been up to. As if sensing her dilemma, Vassi curved an arm around her shoulders as she yawned. Pulling her close, he murmured wryly in explanation, “She fell asleep during her own movie.”

Jerk, she thought as she heard Fyodor and her other brothers chuckle. But because the excuse Vassi gave was better than the truth, she kept her eyes closed and only opened them when Vassi told her their car had arrived.

Inside the limousine, she pretended to continue sleeping, leaning against Vassi while listening to the boys talk among themselves. At one point, the conversation became about Maximilian, and she felt Vassi’s chest stiffen against her.

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