“I clearly expected more from you,” Vassi hissed at her. “The way you pander to Rockford is fucking disgusting—-”

Anger flared inside her at how unfair he was. “Oh please. Like you weren’t doing the same thing with your Daniela—-” Unable to help it, she mimicked the way Vassi and the other girl talked. “I’m nervous, Grachyov. Man up, D.”

“And I suppose you calling your lover something as asinine as babylicious is better?”

“At least it’s true,” she snapped. “Because Rockford is a delicious babe—-”

Outraged at her ability to say such words to him, Vassi did the only thing he could think of to shut her up.

If he was honest, it was also what he had planned all along the moment he decided to follow her.

Grabbing a fistful of her hair, he pulled her towards him and slammed his mouth down on hers.

Seri froze.

Oh God, the feel of his lips—-

But she managed to recover her senses a moment later, and she tried to struggle, opening her mouth to scream—-

Big mistake.

The moment her lips parted, Vassi’s tongue slipped inside her mouth, and the kiss turned carnal.

Her fists stopped thumping his chest.

He kissed her harder, deeper, every stroke of his tongue weakening her defenses.

Her eyes squeezed shut.

Oh God.

Where would she find the strength to refuse the one thing she always dreamt about?

Alarm bells were ringing loudly in Vassi’s head, warning him incessantly that what he was doing was wrong. Seri was still the same avaricious bitch, and letting this madness continue would only make it harder for him to forget her for good.

Even so—-

He couldn’t help it.

He had missed her so damn much.

“L-let go.” Her protest was weak, but even so, the flimsy show of loyalty to Rockford outraged him to the point of blinding him to reason.

Let her go back to Maximilian Rockford untouched?

He sucked on her tongue, causing her to buckle against him with a whimper.


Before she left this building, her body would know whom it truly belonged to.

Reaching down, he pushed her skirt out of the way until he found the scrap of lace protecting her mound.

Shuddering at his touch, Seri tried harder to get away, pleading against his lips, “Please, Vassi—-”

He responded by ripping her panties off.

Oh God!

But before she could react, his fingers were already there, stroking—-

His mouth left her, moving to her ear as he whispered, “So damn wet.”

Another shudder went through her as he proved his words by lifting his hand—-

She whimpered at seeing his wet fingers—-

He licked them clean, taking every creamy drop.

A low moan escaped her. “Noooooo.” But she no longer knew what she was protesting against.

His fingers went back down again, but this time Vassi thrust them inside her.

“Oh God.” Seri jerked against him, the movement inadvertently causing his fingers to sink deeper inside of her, and again she gasped, “Oh God.”

The pleasure was too much, and as his fingers began to move, thrusting in and out, she could feel her senses swimming further and further away from her reach.

Vassi suddenly lifted her up with one arm, and she instinctively balanced herself, hands clutching his shoulders and legs wrapping around his waist—-

Oh my God, what was she doing?

“Vassi, no—-”

His gaze ensnared hers as he brought Seri up against the wall. “You still want me.”

Knowing it was useless to lie, she stammered, “It d-doesn’t matter if I do.” His fingers pulled out of her and she bit back a moan of protest. “I’m with Max now—-”

His mouth slammed over hers again, cutting her off. This time, his kiss was punishingly hard, but even so she welcomed the pain of it.

Everything Vassi did, she thought helplessly, would always be beautiful for her.

When he lifted his head, he gritted out, “Never talk about him again in my presence.” She started to speak, but he didn’t let her, growling, “If you don’t want me to fuck Daniela in front of you, you will do what I asked.”

They stared at each other.

And in the end, there was just one answer.

She choked out, “Yes.” She saw his eyes glitter at her surrender, and Seri whispered brokenly, “But it won’t change a thing. I’m not – will never be – yours.”

Vassi’s smile was cold. “I don’t need you to be. Right now, I just need a pussy for my dick.”

Seri whitened.

But there was no time to feel hurt.

Because a moment later, Vassi had freed his cock from his jeans and then his rigid, throbbing erection was plunging into her.

Oh God.

It had been so long, and it felt so good—-

Vassi’s hand clamped over her mouth just in time to keep her scream in.

He thrust hard into her, and as her eyes rolled back, she heard him say, “Don’t make any noise, dammit, or I won’t be able to make you cum.”

Releasing her mouth, he pushed her head down his shoulder, and understanding his silent command, she tightened her hold around him as she bit into his shoulder.

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