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She screamed.

He bit her nipple harder, ground his cock harder.

“Oh God, Christian!” Her fists pounded his back.

And still he didn’t let up, shoving his cock relentlessly into her while lashing her nipple with his tongue—-

And she finally broke.

Jane’s eyes rolled back as she came. She couldn’t even scream, her orgasm so raw and deep it had her body shuddering so hard until she felt she was boneless. Over her, she heard Christian groan, and then his own cum poured into her in a hot, spurting stream.

“Christian.” His name came out a shocked whimper as his cum continued to fill her. She hadn’t expected to feel so stuffed, and she whimpered anew when she felt excess cum trickle down her thigh.

Her eyes drifted closed.

Mind blown.

And over her, she heard Christian ask in a velvety voice, “Ready for Round 2?”

Her eyes flew open. “Nooooooo.”

His sexy laugh sent shivers down her spine, literally.

“Yes. It’s a fucking yes, pet.” And Christian started moving again.

Chapter Nine


Middle Road, Citrus County

Jane started hyperventilating as she heard the engine of Christian’s BMW switch off. Across the street was the nice, cozy home she lived in, and where her parents and younger sister lived.

She glanced at Christian. He looked properly British with his tweed jacket, V-necked shirt, and gray pants. She looked down at herself. At least I’m wearing a dress, Jane thought. Granted, it had seen as many seasons as CSI had, but still.

“Are you nervous?”

“For the fifth time, no,” Jane said irritably, “and if you ask me another time I swear I’m going to ask you to add a romantic angle to H for my birthday gift and you will never hear the end of it to say yes.”

Christian shuddered, and Jane almost smiled. Maybe if she weren’t too nervous, she would have. It always struck her as funny how revolted Christian seemed whenever some well-meaning soul suggested he make H more romantic.

Another full minute passed, and Christian said with a sigh, “You’re going to make yourself sick, worrying over nothing like this.” He reached for her hand and grunted. “You’re cold.”

“I can’t help it,” she mumbled. She had never brought home a boy before, and now she was, and it had to be Christian Ravenhearst, and they were already engaged!

“Stop being paranoid,” Christian censured. Cupping her chin, he made Jane turn his way, saying reassuringly, “Nothing bad can or will happen.”

“You don’t know that.”

“What exactly are you worried about?”

“That you guys won’t get along?”

“I know I’m a god, but I can do ordinary—-” Jane started choking, and Christian laughed.

“So unbelievably cocky—-”

“You did say you wanted us to be ourselves,” Christian deadpanned.

“Actually, I said I wanted to be myself. You, I’d rather pretend—-”

“You like me being cocky,” Christian said dismissively.

Jane gaped. “No, I do not.”

“Yes. You do. Because if I’m not cocky, then I wouldn’t be able to do this—-” And just like that, he calmly reached under her skirt and started stroking her pussy.

“No, stop!” She tried pushing his hand away, but it only succeeded in making his fingers slip more easily under her panties.

Her folds started to moist, and two fingers thrust inside of her.

“Oh God.” Her legs started to part open.

“Do you want me to stop?” Christian purred.

“I…I…” she forgot what she had to say when she saw him unbuckle his pants with his free hand.

His fingers thrust harder into her as he pulled his cock out, and she gasped, her body shuddering.

“Well, pet? Do you want me to stop?”


But he was already reaching for her, and then he was lowering Jane on him, and she shuddered anew as he impaled her with his engorged cock.

Her knees slid into his seat, and she automatically adjusted herself over him.

“Do we stop?”

But she was already riding him. “Oh my God.” She couldn’t help it. “ Oh my God. Let’s not stop.”

And so they didn’t stop, causing Jane and Christian to arrive rather late even though the car had been parked outside the Coopers’ home for some time.

Jane awkwardly introduced Christian to her parents and sister.

“Call me Mike,” her dad said.

“Hetty would do for me,” her mom said as she planted a kiss on Christian’s cheek.

“I’m Emma,” Jane’s teenager sister piped in. “And did you guys hear about the earthquake?”

Christian and Jane glanced at each other in surprise. An earthquake?

“I was looking outside the window earlier,” Emma said innocently, “and there was this rather gorgeous BMW parked out front. It was rocking really bad.”

Jane could feel her cheeks burning.

“It must have been a 6.0 or something.”

Christian coughed.

“Excuse me,” Mike said, “while I go get my shotgun.”

“Dad,” Jane wailed. “Nothing happened!”

Hetty raised a brow at her eldest daughter. “I don’t recall raising a liar for a daughter.”


Her entire family laughed.

“Christian is—-”

“50 Shades,” the whole family suddenly exclaimed.

And it was Jane’s turn to laugh, realizing belatedly that 50 Shades had been something they had watched together on a whim, and it had been both the most awful and hilarious experience, with parents and daughters together while Christian Grey started having sex with a strung-up Anastasia Steele.

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