“But I want to get to know you first.”

It took a while for the man’s words to sink in, and when they did, a sheepish smile formed on Jane’s lips. “Shouldn’t that be my line?”

“Women,” he told her solemnly, “aren’t the only ones who can have standards.”

“I really want to believe you,” Jane answered truthfully, “but let’s just agree to disagree, shall we?”

He only smiled. “What’s your name?”

“Jane.” It didn’t even occur to her to lie. “And you…pet?”

His laughter rang out, but Jane didn’t blame him. The word had sounded gross when she was the one who said it. Maybe it only worked with a crisp British accent?

When she caught him looking at her, Jane felt unsure. Was that a hey-she’s-even-prettier-than-I-realized look? Or was it more a what-the-hell-am-I-doing-with-her glance?

Finally, he said, “I hope you don’t think I’m being dodgy or anything, but I’d rather not give you my name.”

As soon as he spoke, her gaze automatically strayed to his fingers. Oh thank God, Jane thought in relief when she saw that they were bare.

“A little late to check if I’m married, don’t you think?”

Jane looked up, shamefaced. “I know.” She gnawed on her lip, mumbling, “In my defense – all of this is…new.”

“I didn’t notice,” the man said politely.

How sweet, she thought, surprised. And so she told him sincerely, “You say a lot of things I want to believe.”

The words only seemed to amuse him. “You want to – but you can’t?”

Her shoulders moved in an awkward, apologetic shrug, and not wanting to say anything offensive, she changed the subject, asking, “Anyway…what do I call you?”

“I’m open to suggestions.”

Her face creased with a frown. “Let me see…”

As Jane spoke, he gestured towards the balcony, and she nodded to his silent question, allowing him to lead her.

A nice breeze greeted them outside, and for one moment she just breathed, savoring the salty scent of the beach.

“Well, pet?” Jane’s breath caught as his hands settled on her hips before turning her around to face him. “Have you thought of a name?”

“Umm…maybe Mr. I Want To Be Mysterious?”

His eyes gleamed.

Azure, Jane suddenly thought. That was the exact way to describe the lovely shade of this man’s eyes.

“Good suggestion…” He gently maneuvered Jane, causing her to move backwards until her back touched the wall. “But it’s too long.”

And you’re too close, Jane couldn’t help thinking as the stranger’s arms landed on each side of her face.

His lean, hard body started closing in on her.

I should run, Jane thought, but I don’t want to.

Jaike and Fawn were right.

Something interesting was bound to happen as long as she put herself out there.

She definitely owed her friends a dinner—-

Azure eyes captured hers.

—-or two.

“I’ve thought of something,” he whispered.

She couldn’t help whispering back, “What?”

His head started to lower, and Jane found herself slowly inhaling.

“How about…something very American…like baby?”

Jane choked.

The stranger smirked.


“Try it,” he coaxed.

She tested it out. “B-baby…”

“That sounds good,” he purred. “Say it again.”




And that was when his lips covered hers.

Her eyes closed.

His lips moved over hers, instructing and wooing, seducing and soothing at the same time. Her lips parted, and a soft groan escaped the stranger.

“Sweet pet…”

His tongue slid in, and Jane’s body trembled.

So this was how it was, she thought dazedly, to be penetrated with a kiss.

When his mouth left her, she almost begged him to kiss her again but managed to swallow the words in time.

His mouth moved to her ear. “How far do you want to go?”

Be yourself. Her friend’s advice echoed in her mind, and she didn’t allow herself to think. She just…let herself be.

One eyebrow lifted as Jane reached for her watch and began pressing some buttons. When she looked back at him, she asked breathlessly, “How much can you do in ten minutes?”

He didn’t answer, only taking her mouth again, and this time his kiss was so deep and hard that when he raised his head, she had to gasp for breath.

“Fingers,” he said hoarsely against her lips, “or dick?”


He bit her lip, gritting out, “Choose, pet.”

Oh. Her cheeks burned, but even so she managed to say, “Fingers.”

She had barely finished speaking when she felt his hand moving under the skirt of her dress.

His mouth trailed back up, and she swallowed back a moan when his tongue traced the line of her ear, just before asking, “Will I get you in trouble if I tear your panties?”

She shook her head—-


“Oh my God.”

He chuckled. “No, pet.” His fingers found her core. “It’s just me.” And then he started to stroke her.

Jane’s legs started to tremble.

One finger slowly slid inside of her, and as it started a thrusting rhythm, pushing in and out of her, it was like having her soul dance with the devil—-

And oh God, she didn’t want it to end.

Her hands blindly found his shoulders, Jane fearing that her knees would give out any moment—-

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