“It’s okay,” she whispered. “I won’t force you to show yourself to me anymore, but…” She bit her lip hard.

“Anything else,” the beast said rawly. “I will do my best—-”

“Touch me.”

The beast froze.

“I promise to keep my eyes closed,” she said shakily. “But touch me, please.” Because something had to change, and because – because she wanted it, needed it.

“Arabella.” The beast sucked in its breath. “Do you know what you are asking for?”


Mon Dieu.

With her back still turned to him on the bed, the beast slowly ran its clawed hand through the silky tresses of her hair, and having their bodies finally connect with each other was so that when she shuddered, so did the beast.

“If I do this,” the beast grated out, “then there must be rules.”

Arabella’s heart slammed against her chest. “I u-understand.”

“Never kiss me.”

Her eyes widened.

“Never even touch me without my permission.”

The breath whooshed out of her, and she realized that all these rules must have to do with his scars.

“And you must never ever try to see me in the light.”

When Arabella didn’t speak, the beast said quietly, “Those are my rules, ma belle. Promise to obey them and—-”

Her breath caught.

“I will pleasure you beyond your wildest dreams.”

Her body jerked at the words, and she choked out, “Yes.” Because there was nothing else to say. “I promise—-” And a gasp escaped her. Somehow, Aurélien had managed to douse the fire crackling in the fireplace, and in another moment, all the blinds on the windows had been drawn, with not even an inch of moonlight able to slip into the room.

It was pure darkness, and her heart started to hammer, but it was not out of fear. Oh, far from it—-

And when she finally felt his touch—-

Her eyes closed.

She knew she had done the right thing.

Aurélien’s lips moved over her body, raining kisses all over her skin, and she could have cried then and there. The way his lips moved seemed as if he was worshipping her body with his mouth, and it was too much.

“Oh, Aurélien.”

When he started to trace her lips with his tongue, she had to clutch the sheets tightly, not wanting to accidentally touch him and have him leave her.

“Comment faites vous pour être si belle?”

Oh God. Arabella writhed under him as his words, whatever they meant, caressed her skin, and she muttered, “Stop being so sexy.” She heard him chuckle, and she snarled, “I don’t even know what that means—-”

“How are you so beautiful?”

Her cheeks reddened. “Stop it.”

Another chuckle.

“It’s not like you can really see me in the dark—-”

“Trust me, ma belle. I can, and you are like a goddess.”

She wished she could say something snarky in response, but at that moment all she could do was moan, with Aurélien somehow managing to rip her dress away from her body.

Another moment passed, and her bra soon followed, and she gasped again.

Her panties were the last, and this time she couldn’t help whimpering.

She was naked.

Really naked.

And then she felt his tongue laving her nipple—-

Oh God.

When he started to suck, she could only moan and tighten her grip on the sheets. It was too beautiful, and it was too much. By the time he moved on to her other breast, she was already panting.

Oh, she never wanted this to end!

Please let this never end!

But soon, his mouth was moving farther down her body, and when Arabella realized where it was heading, her legs instinctively started to close.

“No, ma belle.” Firm hands settling on her knees accompanied the command, and then her legs were slowly being opened, wider and wider, until she could only whimper as she found herself completely exposed.

Oh, thank God it was dark!

She felt him moving, settling between her legs, and she could only swallow hard as she braced herself—-

But when it finally happened, Arabella realized that there was no way to prepare herself for this kind of pleasure. No way to expect this kind of feeling, of having his mouth on her most intimate core, of having his tongue run over the lines of her swelling folds—-

His tongue dipped inside of her, and Arabella’s entire body jerked under his mouth.

“Aurélien, oh God!”

His tongue started thrusting in and out of her, and she couldn’t stop panting. The sounds she made were infinitely embarrassing.

“Oh God, I c-can’t—-”

His tongue thrust harder, and her panting rose in volume, the explicit sound bouncing against the walls.

Oh God, he was making her sound like a slut – and she loved it.

Her head began to toss and turn, and her fingers dug harder into the sheets.

A ball of heat began to form inside of her.


“I know, ma belle.”

“Aurélien, please!”

The way she sobbed its name out made the beast lift its head, and the look on her face was the sexiest thing the beast had ever seen, causing its already rigid cock to throb even more demandingly under its pants.

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