“Mordez moi.” Bite me.

“Mordez moi!”

She cried the words out over and over, no longer begging but demanding. “Mordez moi—-aaaaaah!”

Aurélien Savage was biting her, his fangs sinking deep into the soft flesh, and she laughed exultantly as she felt his control breaking apart.

Yes, yes, make love to me like an animal!

She let out a little scream when he suddenly lifted her off him, but a second later she was back on her feet, bent by the waist, and a shudder of excitement wracked her body when she realized what he was planning.

Mon Dieu—-

And then he was ramming into her from behind, tearing her apart—-

Ah, how she loved it!

Could this be what it felt like to be fucked by a stallion in a rut? Just the thought that it was so had Louise moaning, and she reached for her clit, rubbing furiously,

So close, so close, so close –

Behind her, Aurélien let out a growl.

The raw and primal sound was her undoing, and her eyes rolled back as her orgasm took over. They came at the same time, his big animal cock shooting out a huge load of cum into her pussy while her own creamy essence flowed out of her. Every powerful, ejaculating jerk of his cock had Louise’s big breasts swaying in the air, and every time he filled her, she would think dizzily that it would end—-

But it did not.

He had the greatest fucking stamina, and by the time he pulled his still semi-erect cock out of her, Louise’s knees immediately gave way. Aurélien caught her immediately, asking in concern, “Tu vas bien?” Are you okay?

And just like that, the sexual euphoria that left her mind in a pleasantly hazy state disappeared. Maybe other women would appreciate his kindness, but Louise did not. In fact, she found it downright boring and frankly unattractive – but because she needed him still, she masked her impatience with a smile, saying reassuringly, “Of course, mon amour. Why must you always ask that?” She meant the words to sound teasingly chiding, but instead they came out a little too brittle.

Aurélien’s gaze narrowed.

Merde! This was another thing she hated about him, too. He just saw too much, more so than any of her previous benefactors.

“You’ve been very moody lately.”

She nodded, knowing better than to deny his words. Only an idiot would think that a pile of lies could hide the truth, and she had not survived this long by being one.

“Would you like to tell me the reason for it?”

After a moment, she said softly, “When I’m ready.” She then lay on her side, turning her back on him deliberately, knowing that his fear of rejection and deep-rooted insecurities would keep the young billionaire heir from reaching out to her.

And he didn’t.

Closing her eyes, Louise pretended to sleep while she tirelessly went over her plans, fine-tuning the details and making sure every contingency was in place.

Even back when he was still a fourteen-year-old kid and she had been meeting him for the first time as his tutor, Aurélien Sauvage had been too damn perceptive. He had known right away of her sexual fascination of him, and he had even been close to guessing just what attracted her to him. Thankfully, she was no one’s fool when it came to men. One look at her monstrously virile student, and she knew that he was nothing but an ordinary poor rich little boy under his inhuman façade. And poor rich little boys she had lots of experience handling. Over the years, she had been methodical, maybe even diabolical, as she slowly and gradually weaved her spell around him. Other people no doubt believed sex was her greatest weapon, but those people knew nothing. What she gave Aurélien and all the other boys before him was the illusion of her love.

It was the most powerful thing on earth, and Louise understood this very well because there was no one she loved more than herself.

On the other side of the bed, she felt Aurélien sit up and as she willed her breathing to return to normal, she heard the younger man say quietly, “I know you’re not asleep.”


“I know you know.” Louise made sure her words were but a trembling whisper. “But I told you – I can’t make myself tell you anything yet.” She inhaled deeply, loudly, wanting to sound emotionally exhausted. “Just give me space, okay?”

There was a moment of silence and then Aurélien said heavily, “As you wish.”

She kept her eyes closed as she heard him get up and walk away.

The door closed behind him, its sound like a symbolic and ominous ending to the chapter of her life that she had shared with the French heir.

If she didn’t make a move soon, it would only be a matter of time before Aurélien put one and one together –

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