“Agreed,” the beast said smoothly. “Next time I rip your clothes off—-”And it immediately suited action to words, causing Arabella to sputter and laugh in surprise. “I will have it mended by one of the local seamstresses. D’accord?”

Knowing it was the best compromise she could get from him, Arabella said readily, “Deal.”

“Bon, eh bien…” Good. Well then…

There was a rustle of clothes, and just like that, Aurélien was naked under her. In another blink, he had her kneeling between his legs, and after which he drawled politely, “Show me how much you miss me, s’il vous plait.”

Arabella couldn’t help but laugh. Only Aurélien Sauvage could make his request for a blowjob sound so romantic and charming! And darn it, she was still far from immune to it.

“Mademoiselle?” the beast asked mockingly.

Imitating the sound of an eager-to-please doxy, she cooed, “Oui, monsieur!”

And it was why as she took its cock in her mouth, the beast’s massive shoulders were also rocking hard with laughter at the same time, even if it was only but a moment. For soon, the magic her mouth worked on its cock became impossible to ignore, causing the beast to close its eyes as it growled out its pleasure.

The sounds that Aurélien made were like the most seductive music, and by the time he finally came in her mouth, Arabella was wet and aroused as hell. Thankfully, there wasn’t any need to wait, and even though he had just come, Aurélien’s cock remained impossibly hard as it popped out of her mouth.

Low-key Superman, she thought again, and oh, how thankful she was he could be so!

Pulling Arabella up on all fours, the beast placed her hands on the headboard, grating out, “Hold tight.”

Arabella didn’t even need to be told twice.

A moment later, it started, Aurélien pounding hard into her that in moments she was seeing stars, and in another few she was already coming with a scream. Wetness gushed out of her in forceful waves, but throughout it, Aurélien kept shoving his thick and endlessly long cock inside of her, never stopping until he, too, was cumming.

His sticky hot cum filled her to the brim, and still more poured out of his cock, and Arabella whimpered as she felt his seed began to trickle down her inner thighs.

The best low-key Superman trait of all, she thought dazedly.

As the beast carried Arabella into the marble bath and began rinsing her body in the darkness, it asked her what she wanted for her birthday the next day.

She mumbled something that even its heightened hearing couldn’t catch, and the beast frowned. “Say it clearly, ma belle.”

More mumbling.

“Arabella.” The beast was torn between exasperation and amusement.

Finally, grudgingly and reluctantly, Arabella admitted, “I want you to stay the night with me.”


A moment later, the beast said politely, “Pardon, but I did not hear that. May you repeat it again?


The beast grinned, but even so it continued to protest, “I am not lying. I truly did not—-”

“I want you to fucking stay the night,” Arabella hissed. “There! Are you happy now?”

And to which the beast whispered in her ear, “More so than I ever deserve.”

Oh dear God!

Arabella slammed her hand against the water in frustration. “It’s not fair! Why do you keep saying the prettiest things?” Aurélien only answered with a laugh, and as he toweled her dry, she couldn’t help asking, “Well? Do you agree?”

“What do you think?”


The beast laughed. Carrying her back into bed, the beast asked softly, “Did I not tell you before? Whatever you ask that I can give, ma belle, it is yours. And so yes, we will sleep in each other’s arms tonight.”

There was an abrupt pause after that, and knowing why it was so, Arabella said just as softly, “I won’t break any rules, Aurélien. I promise.”

There was a moment of silence—-

And then she felt his lips press against her forehead. “Merci.”

In bed, they lay facing each other in the dark, both of them seeing through each other’s hearts. “Do you not want anything else?”

“Nothing. Just…that.”

“What is that again?”


The beast laughed. “Désolé, mon coeur. It is just that you are so wonderfully fun to tease.” Seeing her lips part, the beast swiftly forestalled more insults, promising, “No more teasing. I am utterly serious now. Do you truly not want for anything else?”

Arabella only shook her head, knowing that Aurélien would be able to see her in the dark.

“Well…I want to give you something else so tomorrow night, after dinner, make sure you dress up.”

Her eyes widened. “Why?”

“It is a surprise.”

“I hate surprises.”

The beast chuckled. “Why am I not even a little surprised to hear that?”

“Well, whatever it is,” Arabella mumbled, “just don’t make me cry, okay?”

“I make no promises.”


“I love you.”

One, two, three seconds passed and then—-

“Yeah, I kinda love you, too.”

The beast smiled. “Bonne nuit, Arabella.”

“Bonne nuit, Aurelien.” And as she felt her eyelids start to droop, she mumbled, “Don’t break your promise, ‘kay?”

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