When she opened her eyes, it was to realize he had carried her into the shower, which – for something that was in a private plane – was still bigger than what she shared back at home with Maggie.

After making sure the water was just the right amount of hot, he gently lowered her to her feet under the pulsing jets of water. He began soaping her and she closed her eyes, savoring the tender caress of his hands.

Luca was surprised when Vivian took the soap from him, her eyes telling him she wanted to return the favor. Seeing the way her cheeks burned, he told her in amusement, “You don’t have to, cara.”

She said stubbornly, “But I want to.” And so she did, starting with the sexy, muscular panes of his back and chest, which were easy and even exciting enough to clean. But when it was turn to touch his length, she hesitated—-

“You don’t have to force yourself,” Luca said teasingly, seeing her fingers freeze mid-air.

She lifted her chin. “I’m not.” Her fingers circled him, and to her shock, she heard Luca hiss. Her fingers tightened reflexively, and his body tensed.

When her gaze flew to his in question, Luca managed a strained smile. “I can’t help it, Vivi. I still want you very much.”


Swallowing, she whispered, “I w-want you, too.”

The words fed his arousal, but Luca forcibly stomped it down. “I appreciate hearing that, cara, but you’re still too sore.” He reached for between her legs, stroking her lightly, and she tensed. “See?”

“But—-” Her gaze moved to the rigid proof of his need. “What about you?”

He raised a brow. “What about me?”

Biting her lip, she said awkwardly, determinedly, “I want to please you.” Her gaze rose up to meet his. “Please?’ Her hand touched his chest, and Luca breathed hard. “Teach me?”


In one moment, the seducer became the seduced, and Luca found himself surrendering to her sweet command. Taking her small hand into his, he made Vivian wrap her fingers around his length. He taught her how to stroke him, how to caress him, and she did so eagerly and passionately. The combination was too much, and with a rough growl he came in her hand like a schoolboy.

There was no feeling like it, seeing the way his gaze glittered with need at her touch, and when his large, powerful body shuddered against hers as he came, Vivian almost felt heady with power.

How could someone like her give someone like him such pleasure?

Maybe it was nothing extraordinary, maybe it was simply chemistry or she was being too naïve, but for Vivian, it wasn’t just sex. It wasn’t just physical pleasure. It was…a promise, a reason to hope despite the truth.

The truth that she had always known, despite everyone thinking she didn’t.

Even Maggie thought she couldn’t see there was a catch, but she did.

Luca had turned off the shower and was toweling her dry now. After, he carried her out of the shower, and she closed her eyes and snuggled against his strong chest. He laid her down the bed, pulling the covers over both of them after closing the lights.

Drawing his new wife into his arms, Luca reflected broodingly on the fact that after his ex-wife, he had never experienced the inclination to spend the night with another woman.

And yet here he was…

She shifted in his arms at that moment, and Luca glanced down at her in the dark.

Vivian turned towards him, whispering, “What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” he lied.

She nodded against his chest.

“And you?”

The truth, Vivian thought, which was that when one was too used to being disappointed, it was far, far easier to understand motives that weren’t all too pure.

The truth, and that was Luca Valencia had always been searching for the right woman to marry—-

To control—-

To make sure that he would not be betrayed again.

Instead of answering him, she drew his head down and pressed her lips to his. “Good night,” she whispered, and with that kiss Vivian welcomed whatever the future would bring with eyes wide open.

Their marriage might be imperfect, but it didn’t have to stay that way.

Chapter Eleven

Thursday. Vivian didn’t care about what she thought yesterday, she just had a feeling today was going to be the best day ever of her life. But first, she had to get up and—-

“You think too loud, cara,” a sleep-roughened voice murmured from behind just before she was rolled to her back. A moment later, and Vivian was drowning in a sweet, hot kiss. Wrapping her arms around her husband’s neck, she kissed him back eagerly, her passion effortlessly rising to meet his. In truth, he only had to look at her, and she wanted him.

Like now.

Vivian let out a little gasp when he reversed their position in a quick roll, and then she gasped again as he slowly but steadily impaled her on his erection.

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