“This one,” her husband said silkily, “I asked a Greek billionaire friend of mine if he had any suggestions of how else I could prove to my wife that I love her very much.”

“A-and?” Her voice was strangled, her mind a mess, and her body already melting—-

She heard something rip, and Vivian gasped a moment later, realizing it had been her lace panties.

“Since he knew me pretty well, he told me that I should wear my love with pride.” And as he spoke, he slowly entered her from behind, and Vivian gasped as she felt his hardness filling her.

Oh God.

Licking her ear, he whispered, “You always tease me about being too conservative.”

She couldn’t answer, too busy covering her mouth so she wouldn’t make a sound as her husband did his best to drive her out of her mind with his deep, forceful thrusts.

“So today, I thought I should prove you wrong. I want you to let everyone know about how proud I am that you have me enslaved—-”

He pulled her hands away from her mouth and kept it locked between their bodies.

Panicking, she tried twisting around to look at him, gasping, “Luca—-”

But her husband chose that moment to sink his hardness back into her, at the same time reaching around her to flick his finger against Vivian’s tiny bud of pleasure.

This time, Vivian was unable to think.

She let out a moan.

Outside the office, everyone stopped dead in surprise, the men even bumping into each other while an older secretary dropped the mug she was holding in shock, and it smashed against the floor with a loud crash.

It was chaos, and a moment later, Vivian realized why it was happening, and she gasped, “Luca, we can’t—-”

But he was doing it again, pleasuring her in every way, devouring her the way only he could, and she just couldn’t stop herself.

Vivian moaned.

And it was chaos anew outside the CEO’s office as everyone struggled to determine whether they should ignore or listen to what was happening behind closed doors.

Part Two

Chapter One

The tension in the bedroom was palpable, the silence draining Luca of strength. But at least this was different from how he and his ex-wife quarreled, the Italian billionaire thought dully. At least this time, he and Vivi were capable of being civil. At least this time, he knew both of them genuinely cared about Eula, which meant that shouting and fighting in front of his daughter were absolutely off-limits.

That was the one and only thing he could be happy about, in the wake of their ongoing struggles.

“Luca.” Vivi suddenly spoke his name in a jerky tone, making him lift his head sharply. She had always looked like a fragile little thing, but in the past she had countered this with a constantly cheerful expression. Then, her gaze had always sparkled with optimism.

But now—-

Dark circles underlined her eyes, and the way her floral dress hung so loosely around her body emphasized the amount of weight she had lost. She looked like she was about to break any second—-

Because of him.

Looking at his wife, he worked hard to keep his tone even as he said, “I know we’ve been having problems, cara.” He saw Vivi bite her lip hard, visibly struggling not to cry, and his fists tightened at the sight. “We can still fix it if—-”

“I’m sorry, Luca,” Vivi whispered. “But I just can’t take this anymore.”

Ah. It hurt to hear the way Vivi choked the words out with tears clogging her throat, but what tore at Luca even more was the way she looked at him.

Those eyes – those dull green eyes were saying his wife no longer loved him.

How did this happen?

Why did this always happen?

Why couldn’t he seem to hold on to the woman he loved?

When he didn’t reply, Vivi slowly crossed their bedroom, but when she tried to reach for his hands, he couldn’t help stepping away, and she whitened. “I’m sorry,” she choked out. “I didn’t want it to be like this. I thought—-” She looked at him pleadingly. “I really thought this was what I wanted—-”

“Then what changed?” he interrupted hoarsely. “What did I do that—-”

Vivi cut him off with a slow shake of her head. “You already know the answer to that, Luca,” she whispered. “Don’t pretend that you don’t.” She hugged herself, saying haltingly, “I’m not cut out for this kind of life. You knew that from the start, and yet—-” Her voice shook in the end, forcing her to stop speaking. Looking away from him, she whispered, “If you had really loved me—-”

“Don’t you dare question my love,” he charged bitterly.

“But I am questioning it!” She whirled around to face him again, a stricken look on her face. “Because the way I love you means I place you above all else, and that you’re free to do to make you happy—-”

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