But then Luca started to pound into her, his force and speed almost that of an animal, one that only sought to consume—-

Agonizing need rippled into her, and she lost all sense of self. From that moment, she existed for his pleasure, and words that he needed to hear were torn out of her.

“Piu duro,” Vivian whimpered. Harder.

With a groan, Luca slammed harder into her, his hands moving back to dig his fingers into the cheeks of her wiggling bottom.

Again and again, he hammered into her, and though it was perfect, she also knew there could be so much more, and so she begged him, “Piu veloce.”

It meant faster—-

And since her husband always gave her everything she wanted—-

Barely a second had passed when Luca’s hips were indeed pumping faster against hers, and this time, all she could do was gasp—-

Water beat down at them, accentuating the sound of their slapping bodies.

“Luca, Luca, Luca.” She could only sob his name out as his thrusts threatened to rip her apart in the most exquisite way—-

Vivian felt one of his hands going around her, and she moaned, “Noooo——” She just knew what he was planning would drive her out of her mind. “Luca, no, doooooon’t—-”

But it was too late, and his thumb had already found her clit, grinding it down, and oh, combined with the agonizing pleasure of his uncontrolled thrusts, there was just no stopping it.

Her orgasm took over, a spontaneous combustion that incinerated every cell in her body and leaving her with nothing to do but scream. She screamed and screamed, feeling like there was no end to her release, and just when the waves of pleasure started to fade, that was when Luca started driving into her, coming with a harsh growl even as his penetrating strokes went on and on and on.

His cum filled her, and all she could do was close her eyes and surrender, her body his to do with in any way he wanted. Seconds or minutes might have trickled by. She wasn’t really certain. Time had lost all its meaning, and all she could think about was Luca.




Her eyes drifted open as she felt her husband pulling away, his erection making a popping sound as he withdrew from her.

“Vivi…” Pulling his wife up, the billionaire brushed his lips against hers, and when he lifted his head, he couldn’t prevent satisfaction from heating inside of him.

She looked like a woman who had been expertly made love with to the point of exhaustion.

He carried her to the whirlpool tub and joined her inside it as the water started to fill. Positioning her between his legs, he took one of the scrubs and began to soap her back.

“Mmmm.” Vivi practically hummed in contentment, and when he laughed at the sound, she twisted around to look at him over her shoulder, mumbling, “You’re spoiling me rotten.”

He bent close to nibble on her lip, murmuring, “Impossible.”

She quickly turned away at his answer, mortified at how easy it was for her husband to make her heart skip a beat.

Her bout of shyness was cute and sexy as hell, but for now Luca couldn’t let it distract him. “Cara.” The softly murmured endearment had his wife turning to him, and as their gazes met, he said very casually, “Tell me about your day.”

Chapter Four

“N-nothing special really happens.” Vivian’s voice became strained as her husband started caressing her breasts.

“How can that be,” Luca asked solemnly, “when you are hanging out with the cool kids now?”

“Shut up.” Vivian couldn’t help laughing. “Also, the way you say that makes them seem anything but cool—-” She ended up gasping the last word out as his hand left a soapy trail down her body before delving between her legs.

“Has Kay stopped pressuring you about clubbing?”


A lie, the billionaire thought, but for now he let it be. “And her boyfriend Craig?”

She giggled. “You know it’s Donald Crane.”

“Mi dispiace.” And yet the billionaire sounded completely unapologetic. “But you know what I mean. Has he started treating his girlfriend any better?”

Vivian slowly shook her head. “Not really. I really think she deserves better…” Her voice trailed off as his fingers started to move.

“Go on.”

“Umm…” It was hard to recall what she was about to say with the way her husband’s fingers continued to do its magic and caused pleasure to tingle along her veins. “I w-wish I could tell her that, but I don’t think it’s my place—-” His fingers dipped a fraction into her, and she couldn’t help arching against Luca, shamelessly trying to get more of his fingers to slip inside her.

“And what about you, cara?” The billionaire’s voice possessed a grim edge, but Vivian failed to notice it. She was too busy lifting her hips up, hoping to entice him, but Luca’s fingers still remained evasive, and she bit back a moan.

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