“Do you not think you deserve better friends?”

This time, the serious note in her husband’s voice didn’t escape her notice, and she stilled. “Luca?” She turned around to face him, confused and concerned. Yes, Kay and Donald were rather wild in their ways, but she was older than the two. She wouldn’t let them influence her to do anything. Surely he knew that?

The billionaire looked straight into her eyes, saying softly, “Just because they befriended you first does not mean they are nice people, cara.”


Seeing her distress, he placed a soft, soothing kiss on her lips, murmuring, “Mi dispiace. I did not mean to upset you. I am only concerned because you still insist on seeing the world with rose colored glasses.”

“That’s h-how it’s supposed to be—-” But her words were weak as Luca began to suck on her neck.

“They take advantage of you, and we know that,” the billionaire murmured against her skin.

“They’re young—-”

The billionaire lifted his head, saying succinctly, “Kay Norton has been using your name all over the city—-”

“I don’t mind—-”

“And what about the way she keeps saying she’ll make you feel younger if you hang out with her—-”

“I will never ever let you read my texts again,” she groaned.

Her husband only smiled. “Even if you don’t, do you think that will keep me from knowing everything about you?” He bit her ear almost as if punishing her for even considering such a thing, and she shuddered against him.

“I only have to look at your face, and I already know what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling.” He licked her ear, and she strained against him. “And when you tell me about your day, I can read between the lines. Which is why when you talk about Kay, I already know she’s a shallow, social-climbing—-”

“Luca, shush!”

“And when you talk about her boyfriend, I also know he’s been hitting on you, and you’re too nice to tell him off.”

Vivian stilled. How had he known about Donald? She had been so careful not to utter a word about her concerns, and yet he had still known. “Are you mad?” she whispered.

“No.” He was swift to reassure her, not wanting his wife to think he suspected her of anything. “I love you, I trust you, but I also know you. All I want is that you try to be more careful around him. That’s all…mi prometti?”

Vivian nodded jerkily. “I promise.”

“Then this is the last time we will speak about that person whose name I no longer remember.”

A laugh escaped her at the billionaire’s mocking words, but the sound quickly turned into a whimper when he hauled her hard towards him, and the heated contact had her forgetting all thoughts about that boy whose name she couldn’t remember either.

Luca placed the scrub in her hands. “Your turn, mia moglie.”

“L-like this?” she gasped.

Her husband smiled lazily. “I prefer watching you serve me.”

She made a face at his choice of words, knowing he had done so because he was aware of how she loved it when he went all alpha on her. Vivian’s fingers shook as she started to scrub him, and when his eyes lingered on her swaying breasts, she could feel her body turning pink all over. “Stop staring,” she begged.


And so she was forced to scrub him while his eyes roamed all over her body. When it was time to scrub his back, she asked him to turn around, but he pulled her closer instead, forcing Vivian to straddle him.

“You can reach my back this way, si?”

Vivian sputtered. “But—-”

“Is this better?” Luca asked politely as he pulled her even closer.

Her breasts were now flat against his chest, and her nipples puckered into life.

A moan escaped her, and Luca released a low, sexy chuckle.

“Does this arouse you?” he purred.

“M-meanie!” But oh, how her breasts ached so hard now.

“Shall I enter you again, cara?”

Her eyes flew wide open. “L-Luca?” But his fully aroused length had already started to slip into her folds, and she moaned. “Oh God, Luca.”

“We’ll take it easy,” he promised raggedly, driving into her slowly and gently, allowing her body to gradually adjust and her heartbeat to regulate.

After a few minutes, she was even able to start scrubbing his back again, and she did so diligently as soon as she realized that every move she made would cause her body to rock against his in the most delicious way.

“You’re getting good at this, mia moglie,” Luca groaned.

“Mmm.” Her vocabulary had once again been reduced into one-syllable expressions, her mind completely consumed by the pleasure of his languid strokes.

When they finally climaxed together, it was a sweet steady sensation that had her inner muscles tightening around him while Luca threatened to crush her ribs with his embrace.

Back in their bedroom, the billionaire pulled his wife close, her back against his chest.


His wife’s tone was sleepy, worried, and hesitant at the same time, and the billionaire frowned, his arm tightening around her waist. “Mm?”

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