She came with a gasp, her eyes squeezing shut at the force of her orgasm.

Her husband followed soon after, his hips pumping nonstop against her as he ejaculated inside of her.

Afterwards, Luca carried her to their bedroom but instead of taking her straight to the shower as she had expected, he laid her out on their bed instead.

Bemused green eyes lifted to his. “Luca?”

He divested of their clothes, and when they were both naked he returned to her, and she sighed softly as the familiar weight of him pressed down on her.

Luca’s head lowered, and her eyes closed as he started nibbling on her lips.

“I love you.”


Vivian squeezed her eyes shut more tightly, tried to convince herself that as long as she pretended this was all a dream—-

She wouldn’t need to remember that she had done nothing to make her deserving of his love.

This time, her husband’s lovemaking was painstakingly slow, the billionaire taking his time savoring every inch of her body. Every part of her burned at the heat of his kisses – her mouth, the side of her neck, her breasts, and oh, when he went down on her—-

Her husband firmly parted her legs wide open before his mouth claimed the moist, throbbing core of her.

Her fingers drove through his hair. “Luca.” She cried her name out as his tongue pushed inside her, driving Vivian out of her mind.

By the time he finally claimed her with his erection, she was a sobbing, writhing mess, her nails clawing down his back as she urged him with incoherent mewls.

Faster, harder, deeper.

She begged him in a mix of Italian and English, but her husband refused to be hurried.

He took his sweet time with his strokes, pulling almost all the way out before plunging back in, so deep that the head of his manhood actually grazed her womb—-

“This time,” he whispered, “I want you to get loud.”

And so she did, because he made it so easy for Vivian to lose her mind.

She cried out when he rose to his knees and threw her legs over his shoulders to thrust deeper into her, cried out when after plunging into her several times in this position he flipped her over, placing Vivian on her fours before ramming into her from behind.

She cried out when it was all too much, imploring for him to stop and let her at least catch her breath.

But the billionaire said rawly, “No.” He rammed into her again, and she saw stars. “I need this. We need this.”

When she finally came, it felt like her orgasm ripped her apart, and she arched against him with a cry as he squeezed her aching breasts hard from behind and causing Vivian to come harder and longer. She sobbed anew when he came soon after her, shooting his load inside of her, filling her to the brim until she felt his cum literally leaking out of her and trailing down her legs.

By the time she could muster enough strength to open her eyes, he had finished cleaning both of them up and they were back in bed, lying on their sides and facing each other.

His beautiful face filled her vision.

She loved this man so, so much.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” the billionaire asked gently, and she could have wept at his tone. He still sounded like he loved her, and she didn’t understand how it could be so. Did he not remember the way she had shamed him over and over?

Her rejected application for a chair in St. Francis’ board—-

Vivian forgetting about Eula’s school play—-

And of course there was that party, which had forced his bodyguards to come to her rescue because she had been foolish and stupid. She had read this morning’s news, and everything had been horrendously bad. The gossip rags had gleefully painted her as a wild party girl whose life was ruled by booze, drugs, and younger men. The business news predicted the fall of stock price for Luca’s company, believing that investors would lose confidence in a CEO who would allow his wife to make a fool out of him.

Remembering all the damning headlines about her was too much, and she choked out, “I’m not fit to be your wife.”

Ah. The billionaire fought against the urge to haul his wife close. “You must stop this, cara.”

“S-stop what?” Tears clogged her throat, making her words nearly incoherent.

“Punishing yourself.”

Oh. Her lower lip trembled harder, and she bit into it, hating the way she had become so weak. “I need to punish myself,” she whispered in a stricken tone, “because you won’t do it.”

“I’m not punishing you because there is no need. Ti amo, cara—-”

She shook her head jerkily. “You can’t. You shouldn’t. After everything that’s happened—-” She stared at him, and the defeat in her green eyes made the billionaire go white.

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