The sheikh smiled – a dazzling sight – just before his fingers pulled my panties to the side.


I couldn’t breathe, could only look down at the table as the sheikh started stroking a tiny nub of flesh between my legs. I knew about it, of course, but I had never tried to touch it, hadn’t even known how sensitive it was until now, with the sheikh making me want to scream at each tortuous stroke.

God, I hated and loved that he was so good at this. I wish I could be as good, just so I could drive him crazy the way he drove me out of my mind.

“Lady Ella?” It was one of the attendants, and I realized she was unable to serve me the third course until I leaned back on my chair.

The sheikh’s thumb started moving faster.

Oh, oh, oh—-

It was all I could do not to shudder as I forced myself to lean back against my chair. The position had my legs parting wider, making me more exposed to the sheikh’s touch.

The attendant bent forward—-

The sheikh slid the smallest tip of his finger inside of me.

I gasped.

The attendant froze.

Oh dear God, please go away!

But she didn’t of course. Instead, she looked at me with concern, and her frown deepened when she saw my tormented expression. “What’s wrong, milady?”

The sheikh pushed his finger a fraction deeper inside of me.

I shook my head vehemently. “N-nothing,” I stammered.

The attendant threw me an odd look. “All right, milady.”

When she left, I looked at the sheikh. “Please.”

He lifted a brow. “Please what?”

I gazed at him in frustration. Dear God, I didn’t even know what I was begging for!

“Please…do this?” The sheikh withdrew his finger out of me—-

I started to sigh in relief, but I also had to battle away a strange feeling of disappointment.

“—-or this?” He pushed his finger back in, deeper than before.

I whimpered, shock and pleasure mingling at his penetrating touch.

And so it went on, throughout the entire ten-course meal. His fingers fucking me, thrusting in and out, but never so deep I would feel stuffed.

When we were done, the sheikh wordlessly offered me his hand and I took it, both of us knowing I had no choice. He left my knees shaking so badly there was no way I’d be able to walk without his help.

The sheikh walked me to my room, with not a word spoken between us.

My heart hammered against my chest the closer we came to my room. Would this be finally it, I wondered wildly. Would this be the night we’d close our eyes to the reality, would this be the night we’d throw caution to the wind and do what we both wanted?

Because this was what he wanted, too, didn’t he?

Even though I was his ukhayyah, surely the sheikh wouldn’t be able to deny the truth?

He wanted to fuck me.


“Lady Ella.” The sheikh’s voice was rough as we stopped before the door to my bedroom. A pair of soldiers was always stationed outside my room, but neither guard looked our way even when the sheikh and I came to stand between them.

I swallowed. “Yes, Your Highness?”

Hunger blazed in his eyes ,and I saw it turn fierce as his gaze moved down, lingering on my breasts, which rose and fell with every shaky breath I drew.

“Say something,” he rasped out.

“Umm…I…” My mind was a blank, and I said the first thing that came to me. “Today, umm, I was working, and…”

The sheikh’s lips compressed in a straight line, and I suddenly had a feeling he was doing his best to suppress his laughter.

“What do you want me to say?” I cried out.

He glanced at the guards. “Leave us for a moment.” They bowed stiffly at his words and descended the stairs without a word. When they were gone, the sheikh gazed at me under hooded lids, and God, what it did to my body!

What he had done to me in the dining hall had already left me aching, but with him looking at me like that, the aching turned into a deep, painful throb that had me breathless and unable to stand still.


“What were you saying again earlier?” Even though I knew he was teasing me, the seductive purr of the sheikh’s voice still made me throb even harder. “You were working…”

“And…” I couldn’t think straight, not with the sheikh inching closer, forcing me backwards until I was pressed against the wall.

“And?” he prompted huskily.

“Why are we even talking about this?” I asked helplessly.

“Because…” His eyes gleamed in cruel amusement as he murmured, “I like seeing you rattled, and I like it even more, knowing I’m the cause of it.” He raised a hand, and I watched with bated breath as he reached for a curl of my hair.

My heat slammed against my throat.

He twirled the lock of hair around his finger. “If you can remember to tell me what happened to your day, I’ll reward you.” And then he smiled, a toe-curling smile that promised me the most forbidden pleasure.

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