“A ball?” I repeated dumbly. “Is it your birthday?”

He shook his head.

“Then – what for?”

“A bride hunt.”

My eyes widened.

Holding my gaze captive, the sheikh said grimly, “One of the women invited will be my bride.” He paused. “And I don’t want you to come.”

The Invitation

The whole palace was in an uproar. Not only was the entire royal family in residence, but there was also a mad rush to prepare for the ball. Servants rushed to and fro as they hastened to decorate the palace in time. Fresh flowers were needed, marbled floors to be scrubbed clean, and curtains of gold silk to be hung on every window.

Everyone was excited – or at least everyone but me.

“I wonder who the sheikh would choose as his bride,” I heard someone say from below stairs.

The words made me pause, and instead of continuing to my room I bent over the balustrade and peeked from the second flight of stairs. Two servants were chatting, their arms full of fresh linen, and I heard the other girl answer with a sigh, “I’m only sure of one thing. The sheikh is the king’s heir. I don’t think he’d marry anyone without a crown on her head.”

“What about heiresses or First Daughters?”

Her companion snorted. “Perhaps that would work for English royalty but not our sheikh. He’s always done the right thing from the start, and his only choice is to marry another princess.”

I didn’t bother to hear the rest of what they had to say.

Picking up my skirts, I simply raced up the stairs, trying all the while to fool myself into thinking I could outrun my misery.

The soldiers stationed outside my room bowed the moment I appeared – but not before exchanging glances between them.

My smile almost slipped. They knew, I thought dully. I could see it in their eyes. They had heard me sobbing myself to sleep – every night, actually, since I had given myself to the sheikh, and he had broken my heart in return.

“Good evening.” I could barely meet their gazes as I greeted them. Hurrying inside, I closed the door and squeezed my eyes shut when I found myself alone in the darkness of my room.

How was I going to withstand this, I wondered miserably.

It had only been five days, and yet it already felt like eternity.

Forcing myself to move, I trudged to my bed and threw myself on it. The bed dipped under my weight—-

And then it dipped a second time, indicating that I wasn’t alone.

“Ssssh.” A hand covered my mouth, silencing my scream.

The lights switched on, and I stiffened in shock when I found myself staring straight into the sheikh’s blazing blue eyes.

“Promise you won’t scream?” His voice was soft but mocking, as if he already knew what my answer would be.

I glared at him, snarling my answer against his palm, but even as I did it, deep inside I knew the truth. It was all for show, and by the way the sheikh’s eyes gleamed he knew it, too.

For a long time we only stared at each other, his strong, powerful body relaxed while all the tension in the room seeped into my skin.

His thin, cruelly beautiful lips curved all of a sudden, catching me unawares. With my guard lowered, his smile enslaved me, and that was it.

The sheikh lifted his hand off my mouth as we both moved towards each other. I wasn’t sure who reached whom first, but suddenly every part of our bodies was touching. Plunging his fingers into my hair as his mouth covered mine, the sheikh pushed me down on the bed. We undressed each other without breaking the kiss, our movements more frenzied than proficient. In moments, we were completely naked—-


The sheikh had entered me without warning, but it didn’t hurt at all, not with my pussy already wet and aching for his possession.

Moaning, I arched against him, my legs snaking up to curl around his waist. The sheikh groaned, and as I strained up against him, he deepened his penetration. Faster and harder, he shoved his cock into me until all I could do was clutch his shoulders, gasping with every thrust.

Soon, we were rocking against each other, the sheikh swallowing my every scream and whimper into his kiss. I dug my fingers into his back, a silent, desperate plea for it to go on forever.

But it wasn’t to be.

I could already feel the orgasm building, making my body shake hard against him. I tried my best to control it, wanting to prolong our union, but it was impossible.

My climax exploded in the next second, and I cried out against his mouth. The sheikh kissed me hard as I came, and I cried out again as he sucked hard on my tongue. I cried with each wave of ecstasy, and when I felt the sheikh shudder over me, it started again, my body buckling as I came another time. This time, we came together, wildly, his hips slamming down on me as his cock turned into a beast, devouring my pussy over and over.

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