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“I want to talk to my sister. Alone.” She starts to pull me out of the room but Kade doesn’t let go of my other hand.

“I’ll be right back.” I pull on his hand as I tilt my head back for him to kiss me.

“It’s not like anyone can leave the island without our say.” Vaughn chuckles.

“That’s not funny,” Berkley all but growls at him.

“It’s kinda funny.” I smile against Kade’s mouth before I step back. He lets his fingers untangle from mine but I see worry in his eyes.

“I love you,” he says as Berkley and I walk out of the room.

“Love you too,” I call back.

My sister mutters next to me as she speeds up, “What the hell is going on?”

Chapter 8


“They’ve been talking for too long,” Vaughn says, walking up beside me. I’ve been staring out the wall of glass for hours as the two women sit close together on the beach.

I don’t make a sound, just cross my arms over my chest and shrug one shoulder, watching them.

The main house is located in the middle of our properties and faces the white sandy beaches. Several lounge beds sit under a canopy so they won’t get sunburned, but it’s hot so I had drinks and snacks brought out to them a while ago.

I’m doing all that I can to give her time, and the only reason I’ve let this go on so long is because I see her smile and occasionally laugh, so I have to be patient. Right?

“Care to explain why you were the last to know your wife had a sister?”

I still don’t answer as I watch the women hug and stand up. Relief fills me when they walk back our way, and I’m so anxious to be next to her again that I open the door and walk outside to meet them halfway. I feel Vaughn hot on my heels, but I ignore him. I’ve only got time for my wife.

“Hey,” she says softly when I pull her into my arms. Her hands are on my chest and I look down at her. “Let’s talk.”

“You’ve got another appointment with the doctor,” I rush out, to avoid whatever it is she wants to tell me. “I waited for you two to have a break, but I don’t want to wait too much longer.”

“That’s a good idea,” she agrees on an exhale. “We can talk after.”

“Do you remember anything about us?” I hedge, and she shakes her head.

I glance up at Berkley and her face gives nothing away. She watches the two of us as I take Collins by the hand and lead her to the golf cart. I notice that she and Vaughn get in the cart next to it and follow us. I don’t have to ask if she’s coming too, because I know I wouldn’t be able to not go with one of my brothers if the roles were reversed.

We’re almost to the infirmary when I can’t stand the silence any longer. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” She squeezes my hand and gives me a small smile. “I just found out a lot about my past and remembered most of it. I just thought since you didn’t know about Berkley, you might not know the rest.” She shrugs one shoulder and then looks away.

I’m still looking at her when a flash of color out of the corner of my eye makes me jerk my attention back to the road. Just as I do, I spot one of the enormous toucans that live on this island right in front of us and I shout a curse as I swerve to miss it.

When I turn the wheel just in time, Collins is thrown against me and screams. I stomp on the brakes and pull the cart over, but as I reach for her, she tugs out of my arms.

“Y-you.” Her eyes widen as she holds up her hand between us.

“I’m right here, love.” I reach for her again but her face pales.

“We were in an accident. You shouted at the driver.” Her voice goes quiet as she stares in shock.

Berkley and Vaughn run over to us and my chest begins to tighten. “Collins, please.”

“Hey, are you guys okay?” Xavier calls from the distance.

“It was all your fault,” Collins whispers just before she passes out.

Chapter 9


“I need you to tell me your name,” a soft feminine voice asks me, and it’s familiar.

“Lula?” I say, and hear her quiet laughter.

“That would be my name, but I’m glad you know it.” She’s gentle as she applies the blood pressure cuff to my arm. “Now tell me yours.”

“Collins,” I groan, and she flashes a bright light in my eyes. “Where’s Kade?”

“He’s outside with his brothers,” Berkley says from beside me and she squeezes my hand. “I’m right here.”

When Lula finishes with her assessment, she helps me sit up in the bed and brings me some ice water. “Tell me what’s the last thing you remember; go slow and don’t force.”

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