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“If you like those panties you should take them off.”

I prowl to the end of the bed and she smiles at me as she pulls her dress up in invitation.

“So be it,” I say, reaching for the waistband.

The sound of material ripping echoes in the bedroom and she moans in excitement, spreading her legs. Soft wet petals glisten for me as I lean down and bury my face against them. I lick over and over between the sweet folds until her little bud begs for attention.

“Kade,” she pleads, raising her hips higher and grabbing my hair.

I hold her hips down, refusing to be rushed. I’ve only been able to do this to my wife one other time and it wasn’t enough. It will never be enough.

“I don’t want to hurry,” I say as I nuzzle my nose against her soft curls.

“Please, Kade.” Her breathing is heavy. “We’ve got all the time in the world. I don’t want to wait anymore.”

I push two fingers into her and she cries out just as I cover her pussy with my mouth. My fingers move quickly in time with my tongue as I feel her orgasm building.

“Mine.” I hold her hips down with my free arm to keep her from wiggling away from me. It’s not that I think she’s going to take my treat, but I can’t chance it.

“Yours!” she shouts, spreading her legs wider and she bears down on my fingers.

Her back arches and her legs tense as her body gives over to the unyielding pleasure. She comes apart under me as her pussy clamps down on my fingers and the pulses of her orgasm surround me.

I lap up her sweet cream as she rides the wave of ecstasy, but I still take my time. I kiss the inside of her thighs, down to her calves. I trail my mouth over her belly and hips. I rub my hand along her body and explore every silky inch of her like I’ve never done before. It’s miles of rose petals and warm supple skin as I kiss my way up and between her breasts.

Somewhere along the way she lost her dress, which is just fine by me. I don’t want a thing between us as I lay my body on top of hers. Hard muscles against warm curves.

I grab her breasts and push them together as I feast on her nipples. I rub my cheeks against the tight peaks and she raises her hips under me. I squeeze them and go back and forth sucking one then the other. I want to know every inch of her body and I will before the night is over.

Her wet pussy moves against my cock and now it’s my turn to groan. I feel her slick lips slide up and down my shaft as her nails score my back. I shiver with desire and kiss my way up her neck to her lips. I grind my cock against her and it swells and grows with need.

“Maybe I should cum just like this real quick so I don’t get too excited.”

Her eyes widen as she looks down between us and we both watch my cock slide up and the head of it peeks out from between her lips. There’s a pearl of cum dripping from the end that drips onto her soft belly as I thrust up.

“Can you go again so fast after?” she asks breathlessly, licking her lips.

I let out a single hard laugh and nod. “Yeah, love. It’s not going down any time soon.”

“I want to watch,” she whispers, and it’s dirty and sweet at the same time.

I pump against her and we both watch as my cock shines with our arousal. It’s filthy watching me hump against her to get off and the fact that she likes watching only turns me on more.

It only takes a few pumps before my cock stiffens and a jet of cum gushes from me and onto her pussy lips. I gasp and groan as she moves her fingers between us and then rubs the cum on her.

“Fuck.” I can feel my arms and legs shaking as I try to hold myself up while having the most intense orgasm of my whole goddamn life.

“It’s sweeter than I remember,” she says, bringing her fingers to her lips.

“Are you trying to kill me before I even get inside you?”

She bites her lip and looks up at me so innocently I can’t help but slide my cock to her entrance and push in a little.

“You’re so damn beautiful.” I look into her eyes, hold her hands above her head and thrust hard into her in one long stroke. With that final possession I not only seal our marriage but our souls at the same time. “Mine in every way.”

I whisper the prayer against her lips as I kiss her soft and slow.

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