And because Noelle knew of the pleasures awaiting her, it was the kind of hell she would never want to leave.

But first, she had to do one little thing.

Her younger companion was openly gawking at her surroundings, and as they finally pushed their way out of the crowd, the girl let out a squeak of awe at the sight of the prince’s lair.

“Good Lord!”

Noelle rolled her eyes. Admittedly, the place was impressive, with its mix of old-world grandiosity and modern amenities. She had been impressed as hell the first time she had seen it, too, but the difference between Noelle and her first-year companion was that even then, she had known what was expected of her.

And that was to act cool.

Which was exactly what her companion wasn’t doing.

Everything about Henny – bushy brown hair, freckled skin, and farm girl clothes –screamed hillbilly.

Even her nickname was a dead giveaway, Noelle thought disgustedly. Just showed how all country bumpkins were idiots. Henny should have changed her name first thing, should have called herself something else the moment she stepped foot in Christopoulos University.

Henny suddenly stopped dead in her tracks, causing Noelle to curse as she almost bumped into the girl’s back. “Dammit, Henny!” The girl suddenly clutched her arm, her grip surprisingly strong. She mumbled something Noelle couldn’t hear, and Noelle shook her head. “What?”

Henny cupped her hands over her mouth, saying directly in Noelle’s ear, “There’s a couple doing it by the front door!”

Oh. When the girl stepped away and looked at her with wide-eyed shock, Noelle flashed her a grin. “That’s okay.” She had to shout just to be heard, and to be sure Henny got her, she also gave the girl a thumbs-up sign. Opening her purse, she took out a tiny pill case, shook one out, and offered it to Henny.

The girl looked at her hand dumbly.

“You wanted to be popular, right?”

Hesitation crossed the girl’s face.

“It’s not going to kill you, I promise. I’ll take half.” Noelle broke the pill into two and popped one into her mouth. She would need it sooner or later anyway.

“What is it?”

“Something to make you horny,” Noelle answered honestly. Unlike date rape pills, memories weren’t wiped clean and users didn’t suddenly lose control of their thoughts and actions. It was all about surrendering one’s self to pleasure, and that was something the Prince of Darkness’s parties were infamous for.

Henny was gaping at her. “Why would I need that to be popular?”

Holding the girl’s shoulders, Noelle turned Henny back towards the house, where the couple they had seen earlier was still lost in the throes of passion. “Do you see those two?” she whispered into Henny’s ear. “That’s the passport into the prince’s lair for virgins like you.”

Henny stiffened.

“You let one of the prince’s friends fuck your virgin pussy, and you can always attend these parties.” Outside, Noelle added silently. To get inside the prince’s lair, one had to do what Noelle did – and that was to find someone whose innocence could be corrupted by one of the prince’s male guests.

“Only a few students from CU are invited here,” Noel slyly reminded. “If you turn away now, you can’t ever come back and…” She paused for effect. “You’ll never be popular.”

When Henny remained silent, Noelle took it as a yes and handed the girl the halved pill again.

“I promise, it won’t hurt.” Almost on cue, the front doors opened, and Emerson Andrews came out. He had been the one to invite Noelle here, the one to promise her entry into the lair if she could find him a virgin to fuck.

“See that guy heading towards us? Cute, right? He’ll be your first lover.” Noelle forced Henny to take the pill. “Just take this, and you’ll enjoy every moment, I promise.”

But Henny was still wavering, and Noelle tried to swallow down her impatience. Dammit, if this girl bolted—-

Emerson reached them then, and Noelle knew there was no turning back. “Hey, E.” She gestured to Henny, who was red-faced at the way Emerson’s openly admiring gaze lingered on her breasts.

Can’t blame the guy, Noelle thought indifferently. The girl did have huge boobs, probably D-cups.

“E, this is Chick.” As was customary in all the prince’s parties, no real names were given even though they all knew each other from the university.

“Nice to meet you, Chick.” Emerson’s tone was low and seductive.

Henny blushed harder.

What a slut, Noelle thought. All that posturing and she was really just another slut at heart. Taking hold of Henny’s hand, she forced the other girl to take the halved pill.

Seeing it, Emerson asked, “Want me to feed it to you, Chick?” Not waiting for an answer, he stepped forward and caressed Henny’s lips with one finger.

Slowly, the girl’s lips parted open.

Taking the pill from Henny’s hand, he popped the pill into her mouth, and like a puppet, Henny’s lips closed. A second later, and she had swallowed the pill.

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