Emerson’s lips formed a sexy grin. “Good girl.” Cupping her face with both hands, he placed a soft kiss on Henny’s lips, whispering, “I’m going to fuck you here, Chick, and you’re going to love having me take your virginity.”

Henny’s only answer was a shiver just before leaning into his embrace.

Triumph heated Noelle’s blood as she watched the two start to kiss, Noelle’s mouth once again opening as Emerson drove his tongue inside. Bye-bye, virginity. As Emerson started undressing Henny in the middle of the crowd, an idea occurred to her, and Noelle impulsively took her smartphone out of her purse.

THREE STORIES ABOVE, a man hidden in the shadows observed the crowd below his balcony, completely unnoticed. Tall, black-haired, and green-eyed, he was sin personified, every inch of his six-foot-plus form seemingly designed to beguile women into surrendering everything to him.

He was the Prince of Darkness, and if Fawn could have seen him at that moment, she might just have been terrified by the unforgiving coldness in his gaze.

“Has Fawn left?”

“Yes, sir.”


“It’s unusual for you to be so worried over one of our staff.”

“What can I say?” The prince’s tone was cool. “She’s unusually careless.”

Igor allowed himself a smile. “If you insist on lying to yourself—-”

“I’m not.” But his tone was stiffer, almost defensive.

His master’s composure had slipped, Igor noted in satisfaction. It was a good thing, since over the years the boy’s superficial personality seemed to have taken over more and more until Igor was barely able to see anything real.

In the beginning, he had hoped that the Prince of Darkness would not cause problems to Fawn Cornwall and Grant Bennett’s relationship. However, as he had come to see the way Fawn was making his master more and more human, Igor decided that having Fawn single again was for the greater good.

Other women could be just as suitable for Grant Bennett, but for the prince, it might just be Fawn and no one else.

Even so, Igor knew that it wasn’t yet time for him to interfere. And so he changed the subject, nodding at the girl being undressed by the front door. “She looks too innocent to be here.”

The prince’s rock-hard shoulders moved in a brief, uninterested shrug. “It was her choice to come here, just as it was her choice to swallow all the bull being fed to her.” His tone was sinfully beautiful, cold, and melodic. It was his Prince of Darkness tone, was what Fawn would have said if she had heard it.

Igor and the prince watched in silence as the younger girl slowly but surely fell into the clutches of a predatory male guest.

For one fanciful moment, the Prince of Darkness attempted to search for any ounce of pity or mercy in his heart for the girl who was about to throw away her virginity for an empty promise.

But he found none.

Although he had vowed to correct injustice, it didn’t mean he would interfere in incidents that resulted from sheer stupidity.

Below him, the older girl who had brought the virgin to his party started to take out her phone but before she could take any photos, his security had already moved in: one to take the phone out of her hands, another to hold her hands behind her back, and a third one to explain the ramifications of her actions.

Reid didn’t give a damn about the stories that people made up about his parties. As far as the Prince of Darkness was concerned, there were only three ironclad rules that his guests had to obey.

No use of real names.

No photographic evidence.

No show of disobedience.

Because this was his dominion, and what the prince wanted, the prince was to have.

“What time do you want us to start with the lessons?” Igor asked.

“Give it half an hour, and then you can do the rounds like usual.”

IT WAS ALMOST TEN O’CLOCK in the evening when Fawn came back to the prince’s mansion, and her half-Filipina friend was there to greet her by the gates. “Thanks, Fawn,” Paula said in relief.

Fawn squeezed her friend’s hand reassuringly. “I should be the one to thank you. I really need tonight’s overtime.” Her smile was wry but not at all envious as she added teasingly, “Unlike you.” Since Paula’s parents were quite well off, the other girl didn’t actually need to work as a maid for the prince.

“If my parents had their way, they’d have made me quit on the first day.” Paula rolled her eyes. “They think I’m crazy to want to work as a maid, but hey. I’m very practical. The prince pays really well and the parties are always interesting. Why would I choose a boring part-time over this?” She gestured to the guards stationed outside the gate as an added security measure, all of them carrying high-caliber firearms.

Paula gave her a quick hug. “Thanks for covering for me again. I know it’s the holidays and all, but my boyfriend—-”

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